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Tama - HP910 - Speed Cobra Double Pedal
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Once you examine the history of drum pedal, you can find the following fact. That is to say, in most situations
you had to give up the power if you make much of the speed. Or you have to sacrifice the speed if you wanted
more power. It is one of the reasons why many methods of footwork have been devised until now.
However, from now on, it is not necessary to suffer from such a dilemma anymore. Speed Cobra changes the
The overwhelmingly speedy action can be produced by many newly developed mechanisms on Speed Cobra, such
as FASTBALL Bearing and LiteSprocket yet Projector Beater give the bass drum sound projection and rich
And Recessed Setting design to bring powerful sound by little power controls the newly developed Super
Spring allows every dynamics freely without causing strain to a body. Furthermore, Speed Cobras smooth and
stable action inherited from Iron Cobra faithfully reflects the delicate nuance to the sound in players own image.
Speed Cobras Extreme Velocity and Serious Power than ever before makes a new sensation on your footwork.


fast pedal
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Value Overall
Product Experience I own it Closest Store Cambridge Ontario
its light and fast but it hits hard

Posted by jason mcdowell on Nov 10, 2013

Try Trick or Axis before you settle on IC-speed
Features Quality
Value Overall
Product Experience I've tried it Closest Store Port Coquitlam British Columbia
I bought it, i played it, i returned it - i bought Trick 1V Pros. Things I liked, the case, the finish, the smooth play *(although a little 'slappy' at 180+ bpm), long pedal nice. brushed aluminum nice. overall appearance nice. Its a decent mid-level pedal. But at the $400 price point, you would do well to also look at Trick and Axis for a few hundred more and get a pro level pedal which will be with you for most of your gigging career. The bearings on the IC-speeds feel cheap. And the most unforgivable flaw, is the shoddy construction at the split shaft where there is over a centimeter of sideways play and nothing to stabilize or buttress the arms. The thing just feels like it wants to pull apart (you almost can with gentle finger pressure, pop it apart). I can't see it lasting more that a year of continuous gigging - especially if you are playing at speed (which is probably what attracted you to the product in the first place). You'll be banging along and then slip-flop-crunch dead. If youre buying on budget, then this probably outperforms the equivalent Gibralter or what-have-you on smoothness. But, if you're looking for a speed solution with good reliability - check out the offerings a little higher on the price point and then compare. IMO buy once, never look back.

Posted by SB on Jul 5, 2012

Features Quality
Value Overall
Product Experience I own it Closest Store Windsor Ontario
I got mine about a week ago, it's great. Had an old beater double pedal, and I didn't realize how much of a difference a good pedal makes. First time I tried the pedal, I noticed it was very light, but still has BIG sound, especially with the arrowhead part facing up so the beater hits the bass drum with the flat side. Also very fast and very adjustable. With a little adjusting, what took me all my strength to get up to a certain speed on my old pedal, now I can do it with little to no effort at all. The only complaint I could have is that the beaters wear down pretty quickly, even when its not the pointed tip hitting the drum. I've had mine for a week like I said before, and I'm already starting to notice the beater getting a bit smaller from wear. All in all though, it's an amazing pedal.

Posted by anonymous on Jun 9, 2012

Speed Cobra double kick pedal
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Product Experience I own it Closest Store St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador
This pedal rocks. only flaw, mine broke in a hurricane back in December, and it is now march... still no replacement parts available. so don't break yours!!! also, was disappointed they didn't release the speed cobra hi hat stand same time, cause i bought the lever glide same time.

Posted by Ryan Crocker on Mar 3, 2012

Smooth, Quick, Powerful and Versatile.
Features Quality
Value Overall
Product Experience I own it Closest Store Burlington Ontario
This pedal has pretty much the same features as the Iron Cobras, but with a few new additions: Fast Foot, LiteSprocket, Super Spring and Fastball bearing system. More detail on the TAMA website! So, when I first tried this pedal, all I could think was, "Damn that's light!" This pedal's response is super quick and light. It almost has a direct drive feel but with the Cam style smoothness to it. It is smooth the entire stroke of the pedal! This pedal is the best pedal on the market in my opinion. It's smooth, fast, as a lot of power to it with the new setting on it (recessed setting), and it's not just for metal guys that wanna play fast. This pedal plays light jazz music just as well! I highly recommend this pedal! Go check it out at your nearest store!

Posted by Aaron D. on Nov 11, 2010