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A fun and engaging trumpet experience perfect for beginners

A high quality student instrument, the pTrumpet Plastic Trumpet 2.0 was designed to make music fun and more accessible. Made from recyclable ABS plastic, it is much lighter (less than half the weight!) than traditional brass trumpets, while costing around a third of the price of beginner brass trumpets. Low maintenance and robust the pTrumpet is a worry free, dependable and fun trumpet.

The newly improved Plastic Trumpet 2.0 features an evenness of tone across its range. Other features include a newly designed bell-bow shape, traditional water key and improved piston and valves. Includes a fabric carrying bag, two plastic mouthpieces, and an array of supporting online learning resources.

• Pitched in Bb
• 4 3/4-inch Bell
• Unique fully plastic valve system
• One piece patented lead pipe
• All plastic water-key
• Adjustable main tuning slide
• Adjustable 1st and 3rd valve tuning slides
• Weighs just 500g
• Special right hand little finger rest
• 3C & 5C plastic mouthpieces. Aslo works with any standard trumpet mouthpiece
• Fabric carry bag
• 8 colours available
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