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Classroom Instrument Bingo - Harper - Classroom Kit/CD

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Classroom Instrument Bingo - Harper - Classroom Kit/CD
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Author: Veronica Harper

Classroom Instrument Bingo is an exciting and engaging way for students to learn to identify many classroom instruments by sight and sound. It includes 30 card stock game cards, teacher instructions, extra game ideas, reproducible worksheets and quizzes for assessment and a CD which features actual live recordings of many classroom instruments.

The Bingo cards are durable and can be used in several different ways. On one side of the Bingo card the instrument picture appears and on the reverse side the instrument is shown along with its name. There are four different sound sequences on the game CD giving the opportunity to play four or more different rounds of Bingo. Three of the sequences feature all instruments on one track. In the final sequence, each instrument can be found on its own individual track.

This game is a hands-on way for your students to experience music and reinforce musical concepts and lessons you are teaching in class. Your students will love playing Classroom Instrument Bingo!


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