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PreSonus Faderport

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The FaderPort puts the feel, vibe, and efficiency back into music recording and production. No more clicking through menus and drawing automation edits with a mouse. The easy-to-use FaderPort delivers complete transport control for fast and efficient recording along with ultra high quality, touch sensitive motorized fader for writing fades and automation.

The touch-sensitive, long throw motorized fader on the FaderPort has the feel needed for recording perfect fades and writing volume, mute and pan automation in real-time. Solo and record enable can also be easily controlled with the FaderPort along with window selection, play, stop, record, and managing markers (locate points) for fast and easy recording. A foot switch jack is also included on the FaderPort for hands free punch-in/out recording. The FaderPort works with all Mac or Windows-based recording software including Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic and more.

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If you can't afford or find a use for the bigger, 16+ motorized fader control surfaces, this might intrigue you. Besides it being the only affordable one out there, it's got all the essentials that give you the workflow experience control surfaces are supposed to provide. It actually does make my process quicker and more efficient. Having dedicated transport controls alone is a time-saver when you're like me and have other windows open on top of your DAW and need to do lots of quick starts, stops, and scrubbing. Without the FaderPort I'd be going back to my DAW to do all that via keyboard/trackpad then back to my other windows - such gets old real fast. I was hesitant about just one motorized fader, and while I would love more of them, having one doesn't feel stingy at all. It has a great build quality, it's plug & play, and every feature on it is useful and simple. It's also a great "test run" for bigger control surfaces to see if you would want this style of workflow. I used to have the Command 8 and sold it quickly after because I never used it. My workflow needs have evolved since, so this has been immediately purposeful.
Posted by Pyjamz on Jun 14, 2016
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