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Conservatory Canada Guide To Contemporary Idioms - Level 1 - Piano - Book

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Authors: Vicky Oveson, Derek Stoll, Brian Usher
Format: Book
Instrumentation: Piano
Level: 1

This series of books will take participants through examples of styles used in the Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms Syllabus, explain technical requirements and provide an introduction to the oldest of all musical endeavours, improvisation. This system has been designed for teachers and students who are familiar with a traditional approach to music instruction, and wish to expand their method in a systematic way.

These books focus on many of those elements that differentiate Contemporary Idioms from conventional systems. However, it is important to keep in mind that a high percentage of the material that a teacher will impart to a student is exactly the same in both systems.

Successful performance of any musical work involves a thorough understanding of its style. From a technical perspective, style can be broken down into individual elements such as: rhythmic subdivision, inflection, phrasing, articulation, accents, tempo, dynamics and so on. These elements must be recombined to produce music that satisfies the traditions of the particular style.

In addition to reading pitch and rhythm using traditional notation, students are introduced to reading chord symbols. The major triad is the fundamental structure, and all other harmonies are considered a variation or addition to the triad.

It is important to listen to a given style played correctly by and experienced performer. Studying music without listening to it is like studying art without looking at any paintings or sculptures!
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