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From ACADEMY AWARD, C.A.S. (Cinema Audio Society), BAFTA, and EMMY award-winning sound engineer SHAWN MURPHY, who has recorded and mixed the scores for more than 300 feature films, and multiple award-winning EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP virtual (software) instrument producers DOUG ROGERS and NICK PHOENIX; and composer and orchestrator THOMAS BERGERSEN, HOLLYWOOD STRINGS offers unprecedented control over sound and performance, and is a must have compositional tool for serious composers.

HOLLYWOOD STRINGS has many groundbreaking features not found in any other collection. Finger position is, for the first time, controllable by the user, so you can play as far up the strings as you want, and get a fuller more romantic Hollywood sound. Vibrato intensity and extensive dynamics are controllable by the user. Extensive multi-dynamic true legato has been sampled for all sections in three different categories: slurred, portamento, and bow change. This results in unsurpassed legato performance that has never been available. HOLLYWOOD STRINGS has five user-controllable mic positions, including main pickup (Decca tree), mid pickup, close pickup, surround pickup, and an alternate vintage circa 1945 RCA ribbon room pickup.

Hollywood Strings Silver Edition is 16-bit, with one mic position (mid-tree, no divisi), and includes an essential set of articulations and instruments with slur legato. Upgrade to Hollywood Strings Gold and Diamond Edition when you need more options. Hollywood Strings Silver Edition is available for download only.

• Multiple finger positions for all sections including open strings
• 3 unique styles of legato interval sampling, including never-before-sampled bow change legato, slurred legato, and portamento sliding legato, sampled at 3, 3 and 2 dynamics respectively, all with speed control. That's 8 passes of legato intervals, all sampled in long format so each note has time to breathe. Basses only have slurred legato.
• Up- and down-bowed sustains, all at 4 finger positions, at least one full octave on each string: 5 dynamics at non-vibrato, 5 dynamics at vibrato, 3 dynamics at molto vibrato
• Extensive runs
• Playable runs
• Spiccato runs for violins
• Other articulations: Bartk pizzicato, Col legno, Detach up and down bows with finger positions and 4 dynamics, Flautando for violins, Harmonics for violins, Marcato short, 3 dynamics, round-robin x4, Marcato long, 3 dynamics, round-robin x4, Measured tremolo, 4 dynamics, On-the-string staccato, 4 dynamics, round-robin x8, Pizzicato, 4 dynamics, round-robin x4
Repetitions, 3 dynamics, Ricochet, 3 dynamics, round-robin x2, Spiccato, 4 dynamics, round-robin x9, Staccatissmo, 4 dynamics, round-robin x16, Staccato, 4 dynamics, round-robin x9, Slurred staccato for violins, 4 dynamics, round-robin x9, Sul ponticello tremolo for violas, Tremolo, 4 dynamics, Trills (major and minor), 3 dynamics
• Sordino effect available for all patches
• Release trails for everything
• Custom Python scripting

System Requirements:
• PLAY 4.2.2 or later is required to use this product (download at Support page)
• Silver - 13GB free hard disc space, iLok Account (required for machine-based license), iLok Key (optional), Silver Edition is downloaded.

• Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.1GHz or higher (PPC not supported)
• Mac OSX 10.7 or later
• 7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming

• Intel Core 2 Duo, or AMD Dual Core 2.1GHz or higher
• Windows 7 or later
• Sound card with ASIO drivers
• 7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming
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