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We are excited to announce the arrival of ART's STOMPWATCH. Stompwatch is a professional stage clock and timer that helps keep track of time when you're performing, recording or during rehearsals.

The designer, Doug Elash, is a talented bassist who has been playing with country star Tim Hicks over the past few years. After playing hundreds of shows with numerous encounters of set times and changeover issues, Doug decided the best way to keep everything running on time and smoothly was to have a time pedal. USA-based Applied Research and Technology (ART) was approached with the idea and here at last, the Stompwatch.

* Large Display
* Stompbox design
* Timer Mode & Clock Mode
* Adaptor DC input/output to allow for easy daisy-chaining
* Power supply included (also accepts a 9V battery)
* 3 years parts and labour warranty