May is Drum & Percussion Month at Long & McQuade!

May is Drum & Percussion Month at Long & McQuade!

In May, enjoy:


Plus, FREE Online Drum Clinics!

Thursday, May 12 | 7pm EST
Developing Flow with Mike Johnston

We all start out learning a few rudiments, some grooves, a couple fills and then we are on our way to becoming the drummer of our dreams. That is, until someone asks us to flow, to speak on the instrument, to "just play something cool". Much easier said than done. In this masterclass, Mike will be teaching what it means to truly flow on the kit inside a groove, a solo, and even on a pad. Flow is freedom and having absolute freedom to truly express yourself on the kit takes practice, and this class will teach you exactly how to practice it.
Co-sponsored by Gretsch Drums

Thursday, May 19 | 7pm EST
Open-handed Drumming with Chris Lesso

Unleash OPEN-HANDED DRUMMING in your playing

Do you struggle with: 
• Getting frustrated with your weaker side 
• Being stuck in a rut of having no new ideas 
• Sounding like everyone else 

OPEN-HANDED DRUMMING is when you play around the kit without crossing your hands. The good news is you don't have to start from scratch! 

Just imagine: 
• Having TWO equally strong hands 
• Getting around the kit in new creative ways 
• Playing with a CONFIDENCE you've never had

You don't have to change your style, but you can GROW. Whatever skill, style, or background you have, even a little open-handed will go a long way to transform you into the drummer you were meant to become.

BONUS: Free giveaways from Sabian, Vic Firth, Sonor, REMO, and Prologix. All participants will also get a free video course and workbook!


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Products 1 to 20 of 86