Long & McQuade Learning Series - Prince George, BC
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Prince George, BC

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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Prince George, BC

Thursday, March 14 | 6:30pm
Pro Audio Primer

Join us as we discuss the ins & outs of PA systems and try to demystify the art of live sound. Learn tips from experienced professionals on a variety of topics including; how to set up a mixing board, what speakers are best for your use, how to set up an EQ & compressor, which microphones are best for your stage, and much more!

Saturday, March 16 | 2:00pm
The Foundations of Music Therapy

Music heals, whether it’s to aid in the development of children, the recovery process of a medical patient or to just relax & have fun, there’s no denying how much power music can have. We’re excited to present an afternoon with music therapist and Long & McQuade lesson centre teacher Garry Turner as he discusses a variety of topics related to his field of music therapy. Topics covered include the social benefits of music, how to pick an instrument, how to incorporate music & meditation and how music can help heal the body & mind. This is sure to be a fascinating discussion you won’t want to miss!

Tuesday, March 19 | 6:30pm
Guitar Restring & Maintenance 101

Have you owned your guitar for a while but have been afraid to change the strings? It’s really not as hard as you might think! This evenings class is the perfect time to learn from the pros at L&M as we walk you through how to change the strings on your own guitar and show you the basic maintenance techniques needed to insure your instrument stays in the best shape for as long as you play. Bring your guitar or bass, purchase or bring your own pack of strings and we’ll show you the rest!


Registration & inquiries may be sent to Latham Elle at lelle@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Prince George 1557 Lyon St S    Phone: (250) 563-0691
Fee: FREE!