Long & McQuade Learning Series - Lethbridge, AB
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Lethbridge, AB

This event has expired.
Long & McQuade Learning Series - Lethbridge, AB

Thursday, March 14 | 7:00pm
A Crash Course in Microphones, DAWs and Recording Hardware

For any performing or touring musician, being able to capture quality recordings can be essential to success. It can also be daunting and challenging when getting started. This clinic is designed to give individuals an introductory look at using microphones, navigating audio interfaces and digital audio workstations, and arm aspiring engineers with a good grasp of how to make great sounding home recordings.

Tuesday, March 19 | 7:00pm
Bass-ic Training

Beginner bass player’s guide to playing a show. Including gig prep and fulfilling your role as a bass player in a live band setting. Ray Banman is a highly sought after freelance bass player and has collaborated with over 100 artists in Canada and the States. Laying down Funk, Motown, Country, Jazz, Big Band, Pop and Rock grooves has landed Ray tours across North America, the U.K., France and even in Africa!


Registration & inquiries may be sent to the store at lethbridge@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Lethbridge 918 1 Avenue S    Phone: 403-380-2130
Fee: FREE!