Long & McQuade Learning Series - Peterborough, ON
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Peterborough, ON

Long & McQuade Learning Series - Peterborough, ON


Tuesday, March 17 | 7:00pm
Roots of the Blues with Rick Fines  
Join Maple Blues winner Rick Fines as he teaches the essential blues riffs that you need to know, even if you play Rock or Country! We'll take a look at some of the blues techniques that have become universal in North American roots music. Diads, syncopation and counterpoint sound difficult, but are really intuitive and easy to learn. You'll leave with something new that you can use everyday!  You can bring your guitar along but it is is not necessary.

Saturday, March 21 | 11:00am
Martha's Minis Toddler Music Class with Martha Cooper
Join Martha Cooper as she teaches the joys of music to children aged 0-4 and their parents.  The group will be singing songs, dancing, exploring creative movement, and playing with shakers and other age appropriate instruments. Martha will also be bringing instruments such as the banjo, the Irish flute and more to enhance the class.  This class is a great way to get your little one introduced to the joys of music and dance.

Saturday, March 28 | 1:00pm
The World of Jamming with Shai Peer
A jam is a musical conversation, where music is created collectively. At it's best it is always fresh and evolving, with a rock solid foundation.  Join Shai in this engaging clinic as he explores the world of the jam, with examples from different cultures and eras.  This interactive clinic will discuss all the elements that help create a satisfying jam.

Tuesday, March 31 | 7:00pm
Big Studio Vocal Recording Techniques for the Home Studio with Producer/Engineer Michael Phillips
Producer/Engineer/Mixer Michael Phillips has spent the past 20 years working in some of the greatest studios in Canada, The U.S.A and Europe recording great bands such as Built to Spill, Stone Sour and many others. Having cut his teeth learning techniques with many great producers such as Sylvia Massy (Tool, Prince, Johnny Cash) and David Bottrill (Tool, Peter Gabriel, Muse), Michael has a lot of knowledge and experience to share. Come and find out various ways to get that professional vocal sound in your own home studio using a variety of gear and techniques. Joining him will be guest vocalist Matt Diamond of Peterborough's own Say Ritual. Come out and witness some live vocal recording, learn some editing techniques and have all your vocal recording questions answered!


Registration & inquiries may be sent to Daryl at dguy@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Peterborough 129 Aylmer Street N    Phone: (705) 742-5332
Fee: FREE!