Long & McQuade Learning Series - Bedford, NS
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Bedford, NS

Long & McQuade Learning Series - Bedford, NS


Friday, March 6 | 6:30pm
Beginner Ukulele with Peter Davison    
The name ukulele means “the gift that came here.” So we invite you to “come here” for the “gift” of instruction on this traditional Hawaiian instrument. This clinic will cover the types of ukuleles available, basic techniques, care and maintenance, and a performance by Peter Davison. Peter is currently teaching at the Long & McQuade Lesson Centre and has a Bachelor of Arts with Music from St. Francis Xavier University. Bring your own ukulele if you have one!

Wednesday, March 18 | 6:30pm
Introduction to Home Recording with Paul MacRae   
Imagine this - you have purchased some new home recording equipment and are now asking yourself, “how do I get this hooked up and operational so I can get to the fun stuff?” Our very own Paul MacRae will walk you through the basics of getting your new home recording gear operational and will cover various topics including: DAW's and what they are, interfaces, monitors, headphones, cables, mics, mixing, and more. After attending this hour-long session, you will be confident in getting yourself started and ready to explore and capture your creativity.


Registration & inquiries may be sent to the store at bedford@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Bedford 1717 Bedford Highway (at Oakmount Drive)    Phone: (902) 496-6960
Fee: FREE!