Long & McQuade Learning Series - Saskatoon, SK
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Saskatoon, SK

Long & McQuade Learning Series - Saskatoon, SK


SASKATOON - 721 43 Street E​

Saturday, March 14 | 2:00pm
Introduction to Beat Making with Josh Nargang

A clinic on hip-hop/electronic music production featuring the Maschine hardware & software from Native Instruments.  It will cover the basics of the Maschine’s hardware/software components (including a brief rundown of the software’s interface), followed by sound selection, a simplified look into making melodies, creating/selecting drum kits/loops/single hits, as well as sample manipulation and quick mixing tips/tricks to get your beats ready for sharing! Josh Nargang is our in-store recording specialist and a graduate of RAIS in Saskatoon.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to bmorozoff@long-mcquade.com

Saturday, March 28 | 2:00pm
Fingerstyle Guitar with Kimbal Siebert

In this fingerstyle guitar clinic, Kimbal explores topics like alternate tunings, harp scales, harmonics, tapping, and more, that can open up new ideas for your playing. Come see one of Saskatoon’s premiere stage and studio guitarists, showing you all his juicy tricks! Kimbal spends his time in the studio and on the road with various musical acts as a multi-instrumentalist, as well as teaching private lessons.  He continues to perform as a sideman and also as a solo act, providing dinner music for events. Past clients include Eileen Laverty, Andrea Menard, Michael Angell, Paddy Tutty, Susan Bond, Dale Nikkel, Nicol Lischka, the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, and the Regina Symphony Orchestra.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to bmorozoff@long-mcquade.com

SASKATOON SOUTH - 617 8 Street E

Saturday, March 21 | 2:00pm
Bass Playing and Bass Gear Clinic with Jesse Dawson

This clinic will start by focusing on gear. This would include things such as the difference between tubes and solid state, and different uses for certain effect pedals. It will also cover the basses themselves, including pickup configuration, different string types, different woods, and tonal difference. The clinic will then focus on application of different styles of playing, constructing a bassline, different techniques, and a more in depth look into a couple of famous bass lines. There will also be a Q&A at the end!
Registration & inquiries may be sent to the store at saskatoonsouth@long-mcquade.com

Fee: FREE!