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Traynor - Travel Mate 2-Channel - 50 Watt Wedge Amp
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The Traynor TVM50A is a versatile, multi-purpose AC-powered amplifier that can run on 120V or 230V and travel the world with you. Connect up to 3 signal sources - an acoustic/electric guitar or digital keyboard, a microphone, and an MP3 player or other source of recorded music. Set it on the floor and its speaker angle turns the TVM50A into a monitor, or set it up on a speaker stand and it becomes a super-compact PA system for live and/or recorded music, also for speeches sales presentations and a host of other functions.

Channel one is tuned for vocals with an XLR / TRS combi-jack input for low or high impedance mics plus a Volume control paired with a single sweepable Tone control that boosts intelligibility and overall presence with a minimum of tweaking. Channel two offers a 1/4-inch input with a Low-Z/High-Z input impedance selector so that it can optionally take a second microphone. A combination of Gain and Volume controls let you adjust for a wide variety of input signal sources while 3-band EQ provides ample tone adjustment. And finally, an additional pair of RCA auxiliary Inputs allows quick connection to CD or MP3 players.

• 50 Watts Output Power
• 10-inch Woofer with 2-inch Tweeter
• Channel One XLR / TRS Combi-Jack Input For Quick Connection to Any Microphone
• Sweepable Tone Control on Microphone Input (Channel One)
• Channel Two 1/4-Inch Instrument Level Line Input
• 3-band EQ on Instrument Channel with Input Gain Control (Channel Two)
• Additional RCA Auxiliary CD Or MP3 Player Input
• Headphone Jack
• Convenient Wedge Monitor Shape
• Integrated Speaker Stand Adaptor

• Output Power Rating: 50W RMS@10% THD, 4 ohms
• Input Impedance: 20K ohms
• Channel 1 - Gain: Hi-Z 69dB, Lo-Z 82dB
• Channel 1 - Sensitivity: Hi-Z 8mv Output @1%THD Lo-Z 2.5mv Output @1%THD
• Channel 1 - Tone: 28dB range @600hz
• Channel 2 - Gain: 52dB (switch out) 82dB (switch in)
• Channel 2 - Sensitivity: 55mv (switch out) 2.7mv (switch in)
• Channel 2 - EQ: Bass 12dB range @80Hz Mid 18dB range @850Hz Treble 12 dB range @6KHz
• Aux Input (media): 18dB
• Dimensions (DWH, inches): 13.9 x 19.6 x 13.5
• Dimensions (DWH, cm): 35.5 x 50 x 34.5
• Weight (lbs / kg): 29.5 / 13.4


Ok for practice
Features Quality
Value Overall
Product Experience I own it Closest Store Brampton Ontario
would not use at any concert/gig. not loud at all. But good for a starter

Posted by anonymous on Jun 4, 2014

Has a mind of its own
Features Quality
Value Overall
Product Experience I own it Closest Store Cambridge Ontario
I must have picked up a defective unit, because it works occasionally at home, and when I took it to the store, it didn't work when a sales rep tried it, but a technician was able to make it work. Controls seemed flimsy. A get what you pay for kind of bass amp. The product description talks about how the amp can double as a monitor, and it seems about on par with a Yorkville 50W floor monitor I bought which seems better built.

Posted by Andrew on Apr 29, 2014

Good Monitors
Features Quality
Value Overall
Product Experience I own it Closest Store Edmonton South Alberta
Used them in a band for keyboard and vocals. They worked great and I had no complaints but the keyboard was also really good as well as the vocal processor that the mics ran through first.

Posted by anonymous on Oct 13, 2013

only feature missing
Features Quality
Value Overall
Product Experience I've tried it Closest Store Grand Falls New Brunswick
I would really take this amp seriously if it only a balanced out DI. I really like the 10" speaker. This unit would make a nice personal monitor. But without the DI output I will not even try it out.

Posted by anonymous on May 7, 2013