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Pioneer - HDJ-2000 - High-End Professional DJ Headphones
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The HDJ-2000s ensure superb clarity with clear separation and maximum comfort, whichever environment you find yourself in - whether its performing in a packed club or engineering in a studio.
In fact, the HDJ-2000s 50 mm driver units and high-flux magnets create outstanding resolution, from bass to treble, and are ideal for studio applications.
The HDJ-2000 have the capacity for 3,500 mW of input, which means distortion is prevented, even at sustained loud volumes. The heavy-duty build of these headphones ensures zero resonance.

Sporting a rugged but lightweight magnesium swivel/fold mechanism the headphones are robust, comfortable and compact to transport. Each ear-cup gives excellent insulation and swivels a full 90 degrees using a new i-hinge with auto-return, which presents great flexibility, especially for DJs who prefer the on-shoulder method of monitoring.

To improve monitoring, there is also a convenient stereo/mono switch.
Finally, heat-sensitive, low-rebound urethane-foam (memory-foam) padding with a comfortable protein leather surface cushions the ears and head for a no-fatigue fit: your long sessions in the club or studio are made all the more comfortable.
When not in use the HDJ-2000s fold into themselves, and have a removable mini XLR connector, making them compact and easy to transport.
The HDJ-2000s are not only the perfect partner for our DJM mixers but even feature a stylish aluminium outer finish to match the play/cue buttons on our CDJ players.


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Product Experience I own it Closest Store Bedford Nova Scotia
I personally own these headphones allot. I love these headphones and are amazing in every way. I dropped them from a table by accident and they didn't break. I took them on 2 trips and stuffed them in bas allot and they are intact, you can also bend the top of the headphones and they won't break. they are built to take abuse. then there's the sound. they are all around amazing! they can handle bass very well during dubstep and when you have some higher pitched synths or vocals, they sound super clear. last but not least, comfort. these are like ear muffs. no joke. I can wear them for hours at a time and they just feel like musical ear muffs! it's actually uncomfortable to take them off. and personally, I think they look great. so if you're looking for decent dj headphones or good headphones in general and are willing or almost willing to pay the price, they are an incredible choice. I recommend these to anyone and everyone that likes to listen music!

Posted by anonymous on Feb 6, 2014