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We’ve Got Your School Band Needs Covered:

We provide parents with the simplest, most user-friendly program in Canada, for all of your child's musical needs. With a huge team of rental & service staff in over 60 locations across Canada, Long & McQuade can help!

We have two convenient plans for school band (and orchestra) students: School Year and Monthly Rent-to-Own. There's no term-committment for either plan - you can cancel or renew at any time, simply stop by, call or e-mail us.

Program Information:

  • FREE summer rent for school year contracts renewed prior to June 30th
  • FREE reservations for the upcoming school year
  • FREE repairs of your instrument for the duration of the contract
  • FREE maintenance products included with each instrument

For School Year Rentals, 50% of your rental payments over the first two years may be applied towards the purchase of your instrument. 100% of Monthly Rent-to-Own payments apply to the rent-to-own price.

For more information on our rental plans, download our School Band Rental Brochure (PDF) or contact your nearest Long & McQuade location.

School Band Rental Brochure (PDF) - FRENCH available for download here.


Download Rental Agreement
School Band Rental Agreement
Save time by filling out our school band rental agreement ahead of time.
Download (PDF)
Download Rental Catalogue 2017-18
Rental Catalogue 2017-18
Info & rental prices for a wide range of popular instruments & gear.
Download (PDF)
Download School Band Rental Brochure
School Band Rental Brochure
Further information on our school band rent and rent-to-own programs.
Download (PDF)

Check out our FAQ section for answers to some of your most commonly-asked questions.

Call your nearest Long & McQuade location today for more info & availability.

School Band Rental Rates:

The prices below are sample rates and may vary depending on the value of the instrument. Contact your nearest Long & McQuade for current availability and pricing.

Instrument Monthly
Used Rent-To-Own
Year Rental
Flute $18—26 $14—21 $129
Clarinet $18—26 $14—21 $129
Alto Sax $35—55 $28—44 $269
Tenor Sax $51—68 $41—54 $295
Trumpet $16—28 $13—22 $139
Trombone $16—30 $13—24 $139

WE ALSO RENT piccolos, alto & bass flutes, oboes, bassoons, Eb soprano clarinets, Eb alto clarinets, bass clarinets, soprano & baritone saxophones, single & double french horns, baritones, euphoniums, tubas, bell/snare kits, 5-piece drumsets, bass guitars & amps, violins, violas, cellos, basses and so much more! Download our School Band Rental Brochure (PDF) for a more complete list of sample rental rates.