Frequently Asked Questions


 Online Ordering:

Q:  When I order a gift card, how will I receive it?
A:  All of our gift cards are sent electronically as an attachment with your order receipt.

Q:  Can I use a gift card to pay for an online order?
A:  Yes.  Each gift card is assigned a 5-digit pass phrase that is printed on the receipt for online use.  If you do not have this pass phrase, you can obtain it by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling 1-855-588-6519. You will need  to provide the gift card # (it is printed on the back of the card next to GC#) along with the name of the person who purchased the card for verification. At any time, you are welcome to contact your local store with any gift card questions.

Q:  What’s the balance on my gift card?
A:  As long as you have the gift card number and pass phrase, you can check the balance on your card here.  Please see the above question for how to obtain your pass phrase.

Q:  How can I pay for my online order?
A:  We have a variety of convenient payment options. They are: VISA ®, MasterCard® and AMEX®; we also accept PayPal® and Interac (participating financial institutions only).  Please allow 2-5 business days to process PayPal® orders.

Q:  Do I need a user account to make an online order?
A:  No, you can check-out as a guest if you like.  We recommend you create an account and sign-in when purchasing something though.

Q:  How can I make changes to my online order?
A:  If you need to add to/modify your online order, you can send an email to [email protected] or call us at 1-855-588-6519 (Open 7 days a week).

Q:  How can I check the status of my online order?
A:  If you have not received a tracking number by email, you can check your status by going to the Order & Tracking submenu of your online profile.  If you have already received your tracking number, you can trace your package with Canada Post by visiting Canada Post's website at or calling 1-888-550-6333 Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 6 PM local time. Packages shipped with Purolator can be tracked from their website at or by calling 1-888-744-7123 Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 6 PM local time.  If tracking is not available, please contact us by emailing [email protected].

Q:  Can I order for pick-up at my local store?
A:  Yes.  Most products posted on our website will provide you with the option of ordering via our website for pick-up in store.

Q:  The item I want does not show as “In Stock” online, but there is one at a retail store location. Can I have that one sent to me?
A:  Yes, when selecting a product, you can choose to have it shipped from a specific store right to your door.  You can also pick up any order directly from any Long & McQuade location.

 Web-Store Shipping:

Q.  Is there a charge for shipping?
A.  We offer Free Shipping on most orders over $99* (some exceptions apply). Please click here full details.

Q:  Will there be a signature required to deliver my product?
A:  For all orders with a value of $50 or more, a signature will be required for delivery.  If there is no one available to receive the shipment, it will be held at your closest depot for pickup. 

Q:  How long does it take to ship out an online order?
A:  Delivery of your online order is subject to the availability of inventory and the shipping method selected.  If the item you ordered is in stock, it usually ships within 2 business days.  Delivery is subject to availability.  Items that are out of stock will be shipped as soon as possible upon their arrival from the manufacturer/publisher.  Please take shipping time into consideration when placing your order. 

Q:  Is there a time cut off for requesting the next day shipping options?
A:  Yes.  Any next day shipping requests that have been submitted after 1 pm EST will be shipped out on the next business day. 

Q:  The item I want does not show as “In Stock” online, but there is one at a retail store location. Can I have that one sent to me?
A:  Yes, when selecting a product you can choose to have it shipped from a specific store right to your door. You can also pick-up any order directly from any Long & McQuade location as well.

Q:  Do you ship outside of Canada?
A:  We do not currently ship outside of Canada.

Q:  Do you ship to all provinces and territories in Canada?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Can my online order be shipped to my PO box?
A:  Yes.  PO box addresses may be subject to additional shipping charges that will be applied at checkout.

 Web-Store Returns / Exchanges / Repairs:

Q:  I received my online order but I was shipped the wrong item.  What should I do?
A:  Please contact us by phone ( 1-855-588-6519) or at [email protected] to notify us of the error and we will assist with the return or exchange.

Q:  Can I return my online order to my local Long & McQuade?
A:  Yes.  Just bring a copy of your receipt and your local Long & McQuade will be able to assist you.

Q:  Do I receive a warranty on the items I ordered?
A:  All Long & McQuade products come with our Performance Warranty.  Please click the link to learn about all of the great coverage included with every purchase!

Q:  My product no longer works. Who can help me?
A:  If you have a warranty issue, please either contact your local store or email us at [email protected].  We will arrange for it to be fixed or replaced ASAP.  Also, reference our Performance Warranty  guide to get details about coverage.  If it is outside of your warranty period, please contact your local Long & McQuade with regards to sending it out for repair. 

Q:  How long do I have to return my online order item?
A:  All purchases may be returned within 30 days for a full refund.  The item must be in new condition, complete with all of the original packaging.  Exceptions - special orders, computer software, print music, harmonicas, and earplugs/in-ear monitors. Any items purchased as a Christmas gift after November 1st will be accepted for return until January 15th.  Returns can be made at your local retail location, or please contact us to arrange a return.

For further information please refer to our Return Policy.

 In-Store Rentals:

Q:  What do I need to bring in with me to rent something?
A:  Some form of identification is very helpful to get the process started (an example would be, but is not limited to, a driver’s license). A credit card is not required to rent from us but can make for an easy renewal option. Rental fees are collected at the time of rental. If you do not have a credit card, in most cases a $30.00 deposit will be collected on top of the rental fee and then refunded to you when the rental is returned in full.

Q:  Do I need to reserve a rental?
A:  In most cases no reservation is necessary. We carry a lot of equipment in rentals and we always have PA systems and instruments available to rent. If you’re looking for a very specific model or product, a hold may be required in some cases. Contact your local store for availability.

Q:  How do the rates work?
A:  All of our rental products are assigned a low monthly rate. Daily, weekly and other lengths of time are based off a percentage of that monthly rate. For example a rental for one day would be 25% of the monthly rate, a weekend rate (Fri-Mon) would be 41% of the month, a week rate would be 50%, and so on. You can rent for any time period with one day being the minimum.

Q:  What happens if I want to buy my rental?
A:  We are happy you are enjoying your rental! We can arrange a buyout at any time during your rental. Please contact a store and the staff will be happy to assist you.

Q:  I want to rent something that is not a normal rental item, to try it out in case I want to buy it. Can this be arranged?
A:  We would be happy to discuss this with you. Please speak to one of our associates in store.

Q:  Do I need to leave a deposit?
A:   In most cases, if you are using a credit card no deposit is required.  In some cases, depending on the value of the rental and your previous history with us, an additional security deposit may be required.

Q:  What if I live out of town?
A:  If you are visiting the country, or the area, an additional security deposit may be required.    

Q:  Can I return my rental to any location?
A:  Yes, you can return your rental to any L&M location?


Q:  Can I make a payment towards my financing account or rental account online?
A:  You can make a payment on your existing financing or existing rental account by clicking here. You can also go to the bottom of this page and select “Payments”.

Q:  I am planning on making a purchase for a school.  Who do I contact for an order with a PO#?
A:  For school orders you may use sign-in with your educator login.  There is a PO field to be completed on the checkout page. 

Q:  I posted a review, why doesn’t it show up?
A:  Reviews are updated once a week.  Please note that our reviews are moderated and will not be posted if they include vulgar language or inappropriate content.

Q:  How can I rent equipment for a gig/party?
A:  Long & McQuade is your rental expert for all of your party, wedding, gig and DJing needs.  Please click here for our rental information.  You can also contact your local store for a rental quote.

Q:  I am looking for a specific brand and can’t seem to find it.  Is there a listing of which brands you carry?
A:  For a complete listing of the brands we carry, you can click here.  Please note that this list is constantly being updated.  Not all of the products that we have are available online.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us at 1-855-588-6519 (open 7 days a week) and we will search our database for you. 

Q:  Can I trade-in my old equipment and instruments?
A:  Yes.  Trade-ins are only available at the in-store level.  Please contact your local store for more details

Q:  I want to work at Long & McQuade.  Are you hiring?
A:  Click here to check out what exciting opportunities we have available for you.

Q:  I bought a guitar last month and now it is on sale.  Can I get my money back on the difference?
A:  Yes.  Long & McQuade will match the verified price of any  product from any retailer in Canada, both at the time of purchase and up to 30 days after purchase.