Music Lessons

Private and group instruction in a wide variety of instruments, including acoustic & electric guitar, piano, drums, vocals, orchestral strings, brass, woodwinds and so much more!

Our Teachers

Our teachers are carefully selected for their educational, performance and teaching skills. Teachers of classical piano, violin, brass and woodwind instruments, theory and voice require a university or college music degree or equivalent standing with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Instructors teaching popular styles have both extensive performing and teaching experience. These teachers play and teach a wide range of contemporary musical styles including rock, jazz and blues.

As well as maintaining a high standard of instruction, the best teachers possess the ability to inspire their students. They not only teach the mechanics of playing the instrument, but they make playing and practicing an instrument a positive experience. They help the students appreciate the instrument and teach them to become better listeners. Lessons are personalized with the goals of each student in mind - some students will pursue a more structured curriculum while others will want the opportunity to develop improvisational and performance skills.

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