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Our service departments have professional qualified technicians. Many of our stores have technicians working on site. You'll appreciate the convenience of needing only one place for all of your sales and support needs.

Guitar Repairs

Our guitar technicians provide a wide variety of services covering a broad range of string instruments including electric, accoustic, resonator & classical guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, autoharps and many more. From re-stringing an instrument, providing a comprehensive set-up, performing structural repairs, and a wide range of electronic component replacement options, Long & McQuade has your guitar & string instrument needs covered.

Electric Guitars

Electric Guitar & Bass

  • Instrument Setup
  • Machine Head Replacement
  • Electronic Repairs/Alterations
  • Fret Dresses & Re-fretting

Acoustic Guitars

6 & 12-String Acoustic & Semi-Acoustic Guitars and Classical Guitars

  • Instrument Setup
  • Machine Head Replacement
  • Bridge & Saddle Replacement
  • Structural Repairs

Folk Instruments

Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo, Resonator Guitar, Autoharp

  • Instrument Setup
  • Bridge & Saddle Replacement
  • Structural Repairs

More Info

Download our guitar repair rate guide for more information on the repair services we provide, and to help you estimate your repair.

Guitar Repair Rate Guide

Download our guitar care brochure for great tips on caring for your instrument

Guitar Care Brochure

Band & Orchestral Instruments Repairs

Our technicians can repair student model to professional instruments. We have fixed rates covering woodwinds, brasswinds and orchestral strings. The rates cover everything from a minor problem to a complete overhaul of your instrument including an ultrasonic cleaning bath for brass instruments. We also have technicians certified by Straubinger and Muramatsu.

Wind Instruments:

Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Flute, Piccolo, Saxophone & more...

  • Play Condition
  • Alignment
  • Overhaul

Brass Instruments

Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium/Baritone, Tuba & more...

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning & Play Condition
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning & Alignment
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning & Overhaul

Orchestral Strings

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass & Bows...

  • Crack/Seam repair
  • Bridge repair & replacement
  • Bow rehair & repair

More Info

Download our band instrument repair rate guide for more information on the repair services we provide, and to help you estimate your repair.

Band & Orchestral Repair Rates

Electronic Service

As part of our commitment to providing superior customer service, Long & McQuade will happily service any electronic product purchased at Long & McQuade for the life of the product.

The nature of modern technology has made electronic service increasingly difficult and many retailers no longer provide electronic service. Because challenges in part availability and restrictions in component repair make it difficult to provide electronic service at the level Long & McQuade is committed to providing, we are unable to offer electronic service on items not purchased at Long & McQuade.

We invite all of our customers to take advantage of our Performance Warranty which guarantees the product will perform for the length of the warranty or it will be replaced or repaired.

Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar, keyboard & bass amplifiers and heads.

  • Tube & speaker replacement
  • Component replacement, such as jacks, lights and pots
  • Repairs to internal circuitry


Dynamic & condenser recording and PA microphones

  • Component replacement, such as Capsules, cartridges and connectors
  • Repairs to internal circuitry
  • Repairs to broken connectors

PA Equipment

Speakers, amps, mixers, etc

  • Component Replacement, such as jacks, lights, pots and buttons
  • Replacement & straigtening bent faders
  • Repairs to internal circuitry


Electronic keyboards & synthesizers

  • Broken or missing keys
  • Component Replacement, such as jacks, lights, pots and buttons
  • Repairs to internal circuitry