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Ludwig Drums Keystone X MOD 4-Piece Shell Pack 22/10/12/16 - Snow White

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Ludwig's Keystone Series Drums fuse Ludwig's Classic Maple shell core with American Red Oak, resulting in a "pre-EQ'd" tone that sculpts focus and articulation for the drummer seeking volume, attack, and power.

Keystone Series is made under the same strict quality and structural standards as all Classic Maple and Legacy drums. A perfect balance between high-volume cut and subtle articulation is achieved for the live music drummer, putting a modern twist on a century of custom American drum making.


Three-ply Classic Maple core with 1/16" inner and outer plys of American Red Oak.

Keystone's 5-ply combination of a Classic Maple three-ply core between inner and outer 1/16" plys of American Red Oak creates a thin, dense shell that speaks loudly with quick, even decay. To draw further resonance from this unique hybrid, the dual 45-degree bearing edge is pulled to the center of the shell to seat perfectly into the head.

Bearing Edge
Dual 45-degree inner/outer with slight flat at the apex.

Configuration - 22" Keystone X MOD Shell Pack

16x22 Bass - Virgin Kick Drum, Mini-Classic Lugs, Keystone Claw Hooks
16x16 Floor Tom - Mini-Classic Lugs, TRIAD Leg Brackets, Floor Tom Legs (3)
8x10 Tom - Mini-Classic Lugs, ATLAS Tom Mount
9x12 Tom - Mini-Classic Lugs, ATLAS Tom Mount
Accessory Tom Holder (2)

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