Whirlwind AB-8 8-Channel Mic/Line Switcher - Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
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Whirlwind AB-8 8-Channel Mic/Line Switcher

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The AB-8 is an 8-channel, balanced, bi-directional signal switcher, 1 in - 2 out or 2 in - 1 out per channel. Mic level audio, line level audio, and MIDI signals can be routed with the AB-8. The AB-8 auto-senses loss of input on the primary inputs, and automatically switches to secondary inputs for backup in live tracking applications. It can also be used to manually switch between inputs and outputs when multi-tracking in a studio. Channels can be switched individually or globally and AB-8 units can be master/slaved for switching large numbers of channels.


• Eight channels of balanced A - B switching for line, mic or MIDI signals.
• Each of the eight channels can be individually switched or assigned to a Master Control circuit.
• Master switching is controlled through front panel pushbuttons, optional footswitch or automatically triggered by loss of signal on channel one of A input.
• Can be configured as two inputs to one output, one input to two outputs or a mixture of both.
• Multiple units can be ganged together under Master Control of the first unit or through control Voltage input.
• Indicator lights show status of each channel.
• AUTO SWITCH functions automatically switches to redundant copy of backing tracks for live performance.
• AUTO SWITCH has sensitivity and hold time controls to accommodate input signal levels from -20dB to +20dB
• Easily switch from tracking to mixing in recording setups.
• All signal paths revert A to Common when AC power is removed.
• Internal DIP switches configure ground path switching and DC Voltage blocking requirements.
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