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JHS Pedals Crayon Preamp/Boost/EQ Pedal

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The Crayon is a powerful little box that has all the colour and characteristics of a vintage studio preamp when cranked.

The Crayon has controls for Master, Pre-Vol, Tilt, and a Hi-Pass toggle. The Master volume controls the overall volume of the unit, while the Pre-Vol acts as a gain control to go from a gritty preamp drive to over-the-top gated fuzz. These controls work together to create a ton of colorful tones that are extremely useful. The Tilt control is an active EQ where when set at 12 o'clock you have a flat EQ, while turning clockwise boosts highs and cuts bass, and turning counterclockwise boosts bass and cuts highs. This gives the Crayon the ability to be tailored to any rig for bass or guitar. The Hi-Pass toggle cuts your low end with a flick of the switch for the ability to cut through the mix or get lo-fi sounds. There is a dip switch on the right side of the pedal to choose either 200Hz or 750Hz cut for the Hi-Pass.

The JHS Pedals Crayon is without a doubt the brightest crayon in the box that will give your tone all the colour you need!

• Preamp DI tones from low gain grit to gated fuzz.
• Active EQ for the perfect tones on bass or guitar.
• Hi-Pass for lo-fi AM radio sounds.
• Paint with all the colors of the wind.

This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA, and measures 2.6"x4.8"x1.6".
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