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Switchcraft StudioPatch 1625 Audio Patchbay w/Switchable Grounds

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StudioPatch 1625 16 patch points to DB25, with programmable grounds

StudioPatch Series Audio Patchbays utilize Switchcraft's EZ Norm technology, allowing signal flow to be changed from the front of the patchbay using a standard screwdriver. Every StudioPatch Series patchbay also comes with easy access programmable grounds, making it possible to customize the ground setting of each channel to either vertically strapped or isolated with the flip of a switch. DB25 I/O connections wired to the TASCAM DTRS pinout allow for direct connection to today's most popular audio interfaces and outboard gear, creating greater flexibility in your studio. StudioPatch Series audio patchbays - featuring front-of-rack access programmable normalling and easy access programmable grounds!
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