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HFN Artist - Active with Artist II Endpin Jack Preamp

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HFN Artist - Active with Artist II Endpin Jack Preamp
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Studio Microphone Quality Sound

HFN Player (passive)

HFN Artist (active)

"The sound of this new guitar pickup is as close to that of a good quality mic as you've ever heard from a guitar pickup...."

The HFN's give you a sound that is much more realistic than that of under the saddle pickups. Along with being simple to install, these pickups exhibit excellent feedback rejection and good string to string balance.

There is nothing artificial about the sound of the HFN and the usual compressed 'quackiness' inherent in under the saddle pickup systems is noticeably absent in the HFN series.

The HFN series for steel string guitars is available in two model ranges: As the HFN passive which does not come with a preamp, and as the HFN Artist which comes with an endpin jack preamp. We offer the passive model of the pickup for use in instruments that already have a preamp onboard or for those customers that wish to use an outboard preamp.

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I bought this and had it installed in my vintage Yamaha classical. I bought a basic ART preamp to use with it. the preamp has no tone controls, I run it into a mixer that has mid bass and treble and effects. At first, I was disappointed, but after some knob tweaking, I warmed up to the pickup. It is piezo, so there can be quack. I found I had to curtail the dynamics of my playing, it quacks when strings are hit hard. the unit picks up body sound, so whacking the guitar percussively produces a nice response. I would like to try the Boss AD2 with it, its supposed to help with quack. I think a little compression before preamp might improve, as quack is only bad for transients. I would recommend, but suggest its only part of the amplification solution, with eq, compression and reverb also part of getting a good sound. So far, I find it also requires more subtly with pick attack than the unplugged.
Posted by dm on Sep 7, 2019
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