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ART Pro Audio Stereo 2-Way Crossover w/Subwoofer Output

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The CX311 two-way stereo crossover network has an additional subwoofer output for low-end frequency reinforcement. It employs 24dB/octave state-variable, Fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley filters that guarantee properly phased outputs at all frequencies which is optimal for the proper acoustic summing of common signals from adjacent drivers in the crossover region.

Each channel features independent high and low output level controls and a crossover frequency rotary control which covers a wide range (250hz to 6khz). All three outputs have a 30 cycle low cut switch to eliminate low-end rumble. The subwoofer features an independent output level and rotary control for frequencies in the 50hz to 250hz range.

• Stereo two-way crossover
• Subwoofer output
• Fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley filters (24dB / octave state-variable)
• Independent high and low output level controls
• Crossover frequency rotary control (250hz to 6khz)
• 30 cycle low cut switch
• Independent output level and rotary control (50hz to 250hz)
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