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Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb - Vintage Reverb Pedal

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An echo room chamber is a space where program material is played and the reverberations are captured on a microphone. You know the classic sounds of a good church or music hall. Studios needed to capture these effects without always going to a church or hall to record. So, they built their own echo chambers. The famous EMI/Abbey studio had 3 echo chambers. They also used electronic filters to carefully refine the sound in order to make it easier to record, which made the end results sound impeccable.

Recreate some of those classic sounds in a live setting without a DAW or other expensive packages. Guitar players need a plug-and-play chamber reverb that gives them the classic sounds they are used to and want to emulate.

• Soft Vintage Reverb
• British Echo Chamber Tones
• Brilliance Control
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Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb