Nuvo TooT Beginner Flute - Black/Green

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The Nuvo TooT is a beginner's instrument designed specifically to teach the fundamentals of playing the flute. A great way to prepare for moving up to the jFlute and ultimately the full sized Student Flute. The TooT is also a great classroom instrument bringing a nice step up from recorder and adding a new flavour to recorder ensembles.

This second generation TooT features a closed hole design with silicone key rings, allowing the youngest players and those with smaller hands to succesfully cover the holes, resulting in better sound and faster learning progression.

The set includes the NUVO Firstnote lip plate which can be used in the early lessons while the student is learning posture, fingering and playing simple tunes. When ready, the Firstnote can be replaced by the regular lip plate which is also included.

The TooT and DooD together can bring a whole new sound to the recorder ensemble and give younger children the chance to learn important woodwind skills at an early age.


• Nuvo TooT in one of seven fun colour combinations: Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Pink, White/Blue, White/Green and White/Pink
• Zippered Case
• Fingering Chart
• Firstnote lip plate
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