Tama Starclassic Maple 3-Piece Shell Pack (20,12,14) - Natural Pacific Walnut Burst - Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
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Tama Starclassic Maple 3-Piece Shell Pack (20,12,14) - Natural Pacific Walnut Burst

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This product is no longer available.
This is a three-piece Tama Starclassic Maple shell set in the exotic Natural Pacific Walnut Burst finish. With this series, Tama incorporated successful elements from the past while using thinner drum shells. These thin shells ensure optimal transferal of vibrations from the drumhead to the shells, to better emphasise the maple's warm sound. The kit consists of a 20 x 14-inch virgin bass drum, 8 x 12-inch tom and a 14 x 14-inch floor tom, and single tom holder, all of which feature smoked black nickel hardware.

Optimal sound
To ensure maximum durability, Tama made the plies of wood that make up the shell thinner, instead of using fewer plies of wood. As a result, the 6-ply tom and floor tom are only 5 mm thick, while the 8-ply bass drum is only 7 mm. The toms are mounted with the StarCast tom mounting system, which suspends them by their hoops, making minimal contact with the drum shell. The floor tom legs, meanwhile, are fitted with special air chambers to prevent the vibrations (and thus the sound) from disappearing into the ground. All of these features aim to optimize resonance.

Other hardware
The toms and floor tom are also equipped with Tama's unique Quick-Lock system, which ensures that setting up your kit can be done in a matter of moments. Furthermore, the hoops are made of die-cast zinc, to ensure they have no weak spots and to keep the drumhead tension consistent. In that regard, they are helped by the special rubber Hold Tight washers, which also prevent the tension rods from coming loose. Finally, the bass drum claw hooks feature rubber spacers, which protects the wooden bass drum hoops and prevents them from rattling.


• 3-piece shell set
• model: ME30CMUS-LNWB
• series: Starclassic Maple
• colour: Natural Pacific Walnut Burst
• wood type shells: maple
• tom and floor tom shell thickness: 5 mm, 6-ply
• bass drum shell thickness: 7 mm, 8-ply
• Star-Cast Mounting System
• Quick-Lock Tom Brackets
• hardware finish: chrome
• Hold Tight washers
• bass drum: 20 x 14 inches
• tom: 8 x 12 inches
• floor tom: 14 x 14 inches
• single tom holder (1)

*Cymbals, snare, extra tom and tom mount, and hardware not included.
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