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All the sounds in this collection have been designed completely from scratch with the goal of creating something truly unique in the world of electronic drums. Not a single preexisting sample has been used during the creation of these sounds: they're all completely original, built from the ground up full spectrum of carefully designed drum sounds.

You'll see how rich and evocative synthetic drums truly can be when done right! Within this library, you'll find surgically precise sounds that will cut through your mix like a hot knife through butter. You'll find short, aggressive percussion sounds and longer, metallic stabs; expressive and clean kicks, sometimes grimed with unusual hums. From entirely and purposefully synthetic timbres to almost acoustic-sounding drums, you'll find it all here! No matter if you're working on minimal, experimental, club, or even pop music, in Plasticlicks you'll be sure to find exactly what you're looking for!

With Plasticlicks, you are presented with a new world of sonic discovery: simply put, this is the new must-have drum collection for electronic musicians and producers everywhere!

This production from D16 Group was created by a very talented sound designer S3MPL3X.


The library contains 1611 different drum sounds:
• Claps (39 patches)
• Closed Hihats (298 patches)
• Cowbells (19 patches)
• FX Hihats (99 patches)
• Hits (60 patches)
• Kicks (300 patches)
• Metal Percussion (16 patches)
• Mini Percussion (20 patches)
• Open Hihats (227 patches)
• Percussion (74 patches)
• SFX (33 patches)
• Shakers (40 patches)
• Snare Drum Substitutes (51 patches)
• Snare Drums (216 patches)
• Synthetic Percussion (109 patches)
• Tambourines (10 patches)


This library is available in the following formats:
- Wave files (sampled at 44100 kHz, 24 bits of resolution) + .akp files (Akai S5000/S6000 programs). Each .akp covers four different wave files sampled at one of four different velocity levels.

Disk space required: 1130 MB
- Sound Font 2 (sampled at 44100 kHz, 24 bits of resolution). Each sound font contains sampled sounds at four different velocity levels.
Disk space required: 754 MB
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