Beaumont Bamboo Flute Swab, 25 x 25 cm - Peach Deco

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Who said that caring for your flute has to be boring? Beaumont's bamboo flute swabs are as colorful and stylish as they are absorbent. Keeping your flute free from moisture and dirt is vital to keep your pads from sticking and your flute performing. Beaumont's lint free bamboo cloths make sure the inside of your flute stays dry and clean, increasing the life of the pads without leaving any unwanted bits of fluff behind in the process. Bamboo is not just more absorbent than cotton it also a far more environmentally friendly product. Stylish and machine washable these swabs are perfect for keeping your flute in top condition.

• Highly absorbent lint-free bamboo
• Stylishly designed for the fashion conscious player
• 25cm x 25cm
• Machine washable
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