AirTurn BT200S-4 4-Switch Wireless Foot Controller

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A wireless, tactile, durable, and fully customizable MIDI controller, page turner, media controller, lighting controller, and more!

The BT200S is a durable and tactile, wireless footswitch for creating proprietary, keyboard, audio, and MIDI commands to control your tablet, computer, phone, or other Bluetooth powered devices.


• 4 programmable tactile steel switches.
• Works with hundreds of apps for controlling and performing with MIDI, reading music, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting, slide presentations, instrument effects or audio/video media control, and many more.
• Seven easy to change modes for different uses. Modes for Keyboard Commands, MIDI, Assisted Technology and many Desktop Applications for PC and MAC. The AirTurn Direct mode is available with many apps to support the full virtual keyboard in iOS.
• Two pairing Methods. Open pairing lets you store the connections of up to 8 different devices for instant connections. Closed pairing stores the connection for only one device and does not connect erroneously to other devices.
• Assign your keyboard and MIDI commands with the AirTurn Manager (iOS, Mac, Android)
• Industrial grade foot switches for a fast and reliable response.
• Bluetooth status LED. Low battery status LED.
• Anti-skid control on the base for stage floors. For thick carpeted surfaces we recommend using a firm flat surface underneath.
• Lithium Polymer battery lasts 200 hours on a charge.
• Over the Air (OTA) upgradeable using a MAC, iOS or Android tablet, phone or computer.
• Automatically turns off when tablet or computer is turned off.
• Charging cable and Quickstart guide included.

The BT200S works with tablets/computers/phones that have Bluetooth 4 or higher. Windows computers must have latest MIDI over Bluetooth features to support MIDI connection. (Early model iPads will not work.)

Some Android versions do not contain some necessary drivers to run the AirTurn Manager. If you cannot see the AirTurn Manager in the app store on your device, then it is not compatible.

MIDI mode not compatible with Bluetooth Dongle devices.
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