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Cranborne Audio Camden 500 - 500 Series Preamp and Signal Processor

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Camden 500 is a mic, line, and instrument preamp that achieves stunning low-noise and low-distortion performance as well as frequency and phase linearity at all gain settings. The result is a stunningly clean and natural sounding preamp offering a perfectly neutral palette to apply analogue and digital processing.

For moments when that extra bit of 'British' character is required, Cranborne Audio developed the "Mojo" circuit; two discrete analogue saturation styles that can turn Camden 500 into the fattest, warmest, and most characterful preamp in your arsenal - all at the turn of a dial. Mojo can be subtle, it can also be exaggerated, but best of all - it can be bypassed.

Custom Topology

Featuring a custom transformerless front-end topology with 68.5dB of gain, Camden 500 achieves groundbreaking performance in noise, distortion, frequency response, and phase shift throughout all 12 gain positions.

3-Way Input Type Switch

Tailored input impedance and headroom for Mic, Line, and Hi-Z sources means punchy and full-range line recording with +26.5dBu of input headroom as well as alive and natural sounding DI'd instruments with 1.5M Ohm input impedance.

Tech Specs

< -129.5dBu, 150 ohm source, unweighted
< -135.5dBu, Inputs common, unweighted

THD+N: < 0.0004%, 1kHz, 35dB gain, 24dBu out

Phase Shift:
< 2.25 deg, 40dB gain, 20Hz to 20kHz
< 4 deg, Max gain, 20Hz to 20kHz

Freq. Response:
< +/-1dB, < 5 Hz to > 200 kHz, all gain settings

CMRR: > 70dB, typ > 85dB, 35dB Gain, 10-20kHz, 100mV Common mode

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All the usual set of features you’d expect to find. Record clean and it’s a very clean, fast(transient) pre. Nothing you can’t get with 20 other preamps out there. But this mojo thing gives it a bunch of other gears that I don’t think any other pre on the market has. Mojo is a bit tough for a layman like me to explain, other than I think it’s a saturation that kind of ‘reacts’ to the dominant frequencies given off by the sound source? That’s what it seems to me, but don’t quote me on that. It’s definitely not just EQ, but it seems to be able to react like one. Tough to explain. Put the “mojo” on “thump,” on a kick drum, and KA-freakin’-Boom! With my Beta 91A it basically transformed it into needing almost no EQ. Separately I’ve been experimenting with 2 SM81’s only as overheads, and the Thump added a lot of beef to the bottom end of them as well that I found very pleasing, closer to the sound I wanted. Record a snare clean and it’s good, but add in some “cream” and it just adds that bit of saturation that brings it to life. A wee bit of the ‘cream’ saturation seems to add my bari vocal through a u87 clone. I also own a Solo 610, and the saturation in the Cranborne is much different from the sound of saturating tubes. More flavors, IMO I’m not a pro, and don’t have access to all the best gear, but I’m very happy, and if my studio was burning down and I could only grab one or two things, my Cranbornes would be first on the list. At some point I’ll pick up two more.
Posted by Keith on Jun 26, 2020
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