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Two Notes Torpedo Studio Digital Loadbox

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The Torpedo Studio is the next generation of the world-acclaimed VB-101, this is the pinnacle of speaker and miking simulation the ultimate loadbox! Torpedo Studio can be used as a digital alternative to miking your cabinet on stage or in the studio, for silent practicing, and as a means to put many different cabinet configurations at your disposal for experimentation. Its new features notably include a new loadbox with increased admissible power, a switchable impedance (4, 8, or 16 Ohms), and the possibility to choose between resistive and reactive loadbox.

The Torpedo Studio comes with a large library of 50 cabinets and 8 microphones among the most commonly used models in the world. The virtual miking is done by choosing one cabinet and one microphone, then fine-tuning the position of the microphone in front of the cabinet. The Torpedo thus enables the user to assume the role of the sound engineer in a professional studio.

Connect your guitar or bass and effects to your amplifier as you are used to, then connect your amp to the Torpedo Studio instead of a speaker cabinet. The Torpedo Studio can then be connected to a mixing board and PA, or to a sound interface for recording, in the studio or at home. You can also use headphones for direct monitoring. An optional speaker cabinet can be connected to the Thru output.

You can also use the Torpedo Studio with a preamplifier, or as an external effect processor in a studio or home studio environment. The large choice of available analog or digital inputs and outputs allows the Torpedo Studio to work in any situation.

Exclusive Torpedo Technology
Highly realistic speaker simulation is achieved by use of convolution, accurately reproducing the characteristics of the whole miking chain (speaker, microphone, preamplifier, studio room acoustic).

Many parameters influence the sound of your guitar or bass rig when it comes to recording. Taking good care of the cabinet selection and miking will dramatically improve the sound of your takes. The Torpedo simulation reproduces the tiniest variations of a cabinet behaviour such as frequency response and distortion. Move the microphone in the virtual studio room thanks to the Torpedo IR synthesis, control the phase with the Variphi: all the settings you need to achieve great recordings are here.

Loadbox with adjustable impedance
Use your amplifier without speaker cabinet thanks to the loadbox of the Torpedo Studio. Its adjustable impedance of 4, 8 or 16 Ohms and its high admissible power (150W) makes it suitable for any amp. The reactive impedance faithfully imitates a speaker, allowing the amp to work exactly as if it was connected to a speaker cabinet.

Dual mono/stereo miking
Combined simulation of 2 cabinets + 2 microphones for optimal mixing. Position two different microphones before your speaker, or before two different speakers. Mix the two simulations to send them to the stereo outputs.

Post-FX section
When recoding guitars and basses it is common to apply a few effects to shape the sound before it is sent to the PA or recorder. The Studio comes with a powerful semi-parametric EQ, and exciter, a compressor and a wonderful reverb.

In the Box:
(1) Torpedo Studio unit in a protective sleeve
(1) mains power cable
(1) USB cable
User's Manual


• Amplifier input: Jack 6.35 mm (1/4) unbalanced (TS, Tip/Sleeve), to connect the speaker output of your tube or solid state amplifier
• Speaker Thru: Jack 6.35mm (1/4") unbalanced (TS), to connect an optional cabinet instead of using the internal loadbox)
• Line inputs: 2 x Combo XLR Jack 6.35 mm (1/4") balanced (TRS)/unbalanced (TS)
• Line outputs: 2 x XLR balanced
• Headphones output: Jack 6.35 mm (1/4") balanced (TRS) stereo
• Digital inputs: AES & S/PDIF 2 channels input
• Digital outputs: AES & S/PDIF 2 channels output
• Wordclock sync BNC
• MIDI In, Out/Thru
• USB port

The Torpedo Studio is fully controllable via MIDI. Program Changes are used to change presets. Control Changes are used to control the parameters of the Torpedo Studio.

Select from moreion of 50 Two notes cabinets and much more.
Guitar Cabinets: 37
Bass Cabinets: 13
Power Amp Simulation: 4 Tube Types, 2 Circuit Types, Pentode and Triode modes, 3 Settings (Volume, Presence, Depth)
Miking: 5 Settings plus Post-FX options (6-band Semi parametric EQ, Exciter, Compressor and Reverb)

Reactive or Resistive load (relay),
Nominal impedance: 4 or 8 or 16 Ohms (switch)
Maximum admissible power: 150 W (200 Watt peak)
Cooled by temperature-controlled fan

Inputs / Outputs
Speaker Input : Jack 6.35 mm (1/4″) unbalanced (TS, Tip/Sleeve)
Speaker Thru : Jack 6.35mm (1/4″) unbalanced (TS)
Line Inputs : 2 X Combo XLR Jack 6.35 mm (1/4″) balanced (TRS)/unbalanced (TS) Maximum level: 8,7 dBu Impedance : 20 kOhms
Line Outputs : 2 x XLR balanced Maximum level: 11 dBu Impedance : 600 Ohms
Phones : Jack 6.35mm stereo (TRS)

AES/EBU numeric Input/Output
S/PDIF numeric numeric Input/Output
MIDI Input/Output
USB Connexion

Audio Performance
ADC (input):
Sampling frequency : 192 kHz
Resolution : 24 bits
Noise level : -111 dB (A-weighted)
THD : 0.0026%
Stereo crosstalk : -109 dB

DAC (output):
Sampling frequency : 192 kHz
Resolution: 24 bits
Noise levelt : -109 dB (A-weighted)
THD : 0.0008%
Stereo crosstalk : -106 dB

13Hz- 45 kHz
AES/EBU and S/PDIF to 96 kHz
Internal synchronization , AES/SPDIF ou Wordclock
Latency: (mode Normal) 5.063 ms, (mode Low) 3.064 ms (Line Input to Line Output)

Power supply: IEC60320 C14 power connector
Input voltage: 185-264 V AC, 47-63 Hz
Power: approx. 10 W

Dimensions and Weight
Width: 440 mm, 483 mm including rack-mounting edges
Depth: 180 mm, 250 mm including connectors and knobs
Height: 90 mm
Weight: 4 kg

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As a musician and commercial studio owner, having great tools is paramount. The Torpedo Studio is one box that does SO MUCH. Not only convenient for the direct recording of your amplifier, the tonal possibilities are nearly endless. Using impulse responses to create the highest quality and truest sounding virtual cabs, it not only sounds great, but feels great as well. The tone shaping doesn’t stop there! The Torpedo remote software gives a whole world of options from customizing cab configuration, mic choice and placement to equalization and compression with complete control. To further colour your sound there are even virtual power amps! If you are into reamping DI tracks this is the cream of the crop! In our studio, this unit has been used to make hundreds of professional guitar AND bass recordings that sound amazing, feel great and are inspiring to listen to.
Posted by Stereobus Recording on Sep 18, 2019
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