Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster W/Bag - Sonic Gray
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Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster w/Bag - Sonic Gray

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The American Acoustasonic Telecaster embodies the spirit of purposeful innovation that Fender was built on. From acoustic shape-shifting to electric rhythm tones, this powerful guitar uses a revolutionary Fender and Fishman-designed Acoustic Engine to deliver new sonic expression from the studio to the stage.

Elegantly simple, the Acoustasonic Telecaster was designed to inspire mixing future technology with organic feel and playability as a way to connect artists to their music. The fully hollow body features an integrated forearm contour and Fender's patent-pending Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS) designed to deliver a naturally loud voice with lively harmonics. A smooth-playing mahogany neck and open-pore satin finish make this cutting-edge guitar comfortable and easy to play. On stage the Acoustasonic Telecaster eliminates many of the challenges associated with playing an acoustic guitar live by cutting out feedback, and making it easy to access the sounds you need without switching instruments.

The Acoustasonic Telecaster is powered by the Fender and Fishman-designed Acoustic Engine proprietary blend of classic analog and future technologies that optimize the guitar's natural sound, and then modify the resonance to deliver a curated collection of voices. These acoustic and electric voices can be played solo, or blended via the Mod Knob to create new sounds. They can also be used simultaneously, courtesy of the Fender Acoustasonic Noiseless magnetic pickup.

Handcrafted in Corona, California, at the same factory that makes Fender's iconic electric instruments, the Acoustasonic Telecaster represents the next era in Fender craftsmanship and innovation designed for fearless artists who want an inspiring instrument with limitless new sounds and a great Fender feel.

Series: Acoustasonic
Country Of Origin: US
Colour: Black
Body: Mahogany
Body Finish: Polyester Satin Matte
Body Shape: Modified Telecaster
Neck Material: Mahogany
Neck Finish: Satin Urethane
Neck Shape: Modern "Deep C"
Scale Length: 25.5" (648 mm)
Fingerboard: Ebony
Fingerboard Radius: 12" (305 mm)
Number of Frets: 20
Frets Size: Narrow Tall
String Nut: Graph Tech TUSQ
Nut Width: 1.6875" (42.86 mm)
Position Inlays: Dot
Truss Rods: Bi-Flex
Truss Rod Wrench: 1/8" Hex (Allen)
Controls: Master Volume, "Mod" Knob, 5-Way Switch
Bridge: Modern Asymmetrical
Hardware Finish: Chrome
Tuning Machines: Fender Standard Cast/Sealed Staggered
Pickguard: Clear (optional)
Strings: Fender Dura-Tone 880L (.012-.052 Gauge)
Available Finishes: Black, Natural, Sunburst, Sonic Gray, and Surf Green

Straddling the Acoustic / Electric Border With Style3 of 3 customers found this review helpful

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I ordered this guitar from L&M in September 2019. At that time there was a 180-day waiting period, and I was fine with that. The guitar arrived earlier than expected, in January 2020. I played it for a short while but was not satisfied with the factory setup, so took it in to L&M for the free setup they do for a new guitar. I was told that a flaw in construction made it impossible to adjust the neck, so a new neck was ordered and installed (under warranty). Waiting time for that was an additional four weeks. When I got it back it played properly, but there was now a new buzzing sound coming from the body when I played certain chords – something vibrating at a particular frequency. Turned out the selector switch was loose, and simply needed tightening. So now I have my guitar back, everything tightened up, and have been playing it for a few months. The honeymoon period is over, so I feel I am able to provide a more objective review instead of a “my new guitar is fantastic” write-up. There are numerous online videos that give an overview of what the Acoustisonic Tele is capable of, what the settings do and the sounds you can get, so I will try to fill you in on things that I have not come across on various other vids and reviews. Very first thing you will notice when you hold this guitar is how light it is. With a thin hollow body, there isn’t much to it. Yet, it is a solid instrument. The build quality (aside from the warranty issue noted above) is good. Fit and finish are well done. It has a distinctive telecaster feel to it (if that makes any sense). Of course, first thing I explored when playing this for any length of time is the different voicings one can achieve with this guitar. According to the owner’s manual, position 5A is Sitka Spruce / Rosewood Dreadnought, and at the other end of the spectrum, position 1B is Electric Fat / Semi Clean. The range of positions between them shifts incrementally based on the position of the switch/mod-knob combination. Yes, there is a difference as you move through the settings. But honestly, there isn’t a significant variation between say, position 5A described above and 5B (Alpine Spruce / Rosewood Auditorium). Even as you move into position 4 and 3…the tonal differences are there, but not everyone is going to appreciate the subtle shifts in sound. The biggest shift is when you get over to position 1 (electric). Honestly, I spend most of my time in some variation of positions 5 and 1. The tonal subtleties in the intermediate settings are nice and I personally enjoy the different sounds, but not everyone is going to really notice them. This guitar has no removable battery, but rather an internal battery that is charged via USB. The battery should give 20 hours of playing time, and my experience is that yeah…that’s pretty much right. Having said that, there is no way to tell what the battery level is at any time. There is a red flashing light when it gets low, but there really should be battery level indicator of some sort. As a precaution, I always keep a 12’ USB cable in my guitar case. If the battery dies, you can still play it if it is connected via USB. Unplugged, the sound of this is quiet and thin. It’s better than a solid body electric, but not anywhere near as robust as a regular full bodied acoustic. That is to be expected on this unit. As a result, if you play unplugged a lot, you are not likely to be happy with the Acoustisonic Tele. But if you are gigging with this, it eliminates the need for carting around both and acoustic and electric as this unit can cover both of those areas reasonably well. Having said that, it is no substitute for an actual acoustic if you are doing something that requires you have a clean clear authentic acoustic sound. Not sure how important this is – but of the different colours that are available, I chose sonic grey...for no particular reason. I had not seen the sonic grey version except for in photos. I guess I was thinking that might be the least popular, so hey, let’s be unique! The actual color is a warm honey grey…sort of like softly weathered barnboard. Very pretty against the golden mahogany woodgrain of the neck, body and headstock. Much more so than I expected. This unit includes a very nice Fender gig bag. Its no hard-shell case, but it is well constructed with handles, shoulder straps and enough pockets to store things. Before purchasing, I looked closely at similar acoustic-electrics from Godin and the Taylor T5Z. I almost bought the Taylor a year ago, but waited for this one and I am glad I did. I read somewhere that the Taylor T5 would likely appeal more to electric players, and the Fender Acoustisonic Tele to acoustic players (ironic, huh?) But now I see how that is completely true. I wanted more acoustic performance than I felt the T5 delivers, and the Tele is just the ticket. The reverse would probably be true if I were looking for more variation on the electric side of things. Am I enjoying this guitar? Yes! Is it worth the money? Well, to me it is. Its very playable and responds to a much gentler touch than is required on a regular acoustic, so that is a bonus for an older player like me who is often hampered with stiff / aching hands. The only reason I don’t give this 5 stars across the board is because of the neck problem and subsequent vibration issue. Then again, the warranty covered it the neck replacement, as it should, and the vibration was an easy fix once I did the trouble shooting. Worth noting that the techs at L&M were great and got my guitar back in my hands as quick as they could. This guitar does many things well, is versatile and fun to play. It efficiently straddles the border between acoustic and electric, and while it won't appeal to all players, it certainly works for me.
Posted by Thomas on May 29, 2020
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L&M @ NAMM 2019: Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster

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