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Mesa Boogie Mark Five:35 1x12 Combo - Premier Exotic Walnut Hardwood with Tan Grill

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The MARK FIVE: 35 provides a greatest hits collection of Mesa Boogie's renowned Mark Series circuits from 3 decades. It features 2 Independent Channels, 6 Modes (include Clean, Fat, Crunch, Mark IIC+, Mark IV and Xtreme), Channel Independent Solo & Built-in CabClone. In addition to the exceptional sound and versatility we associate with the MARK FIVE: 35, this model finished in Premier Exotic Walnut Hardwood with Tan Grill is destined to be a stunning statement piece in your rig.

This all-tube amplifier combines the power of the MARK FIVE preamp with Mesa's exclusive Dyna-Watt 4xEL84 power section, creating a mid-power MARK amp of unprecedented horsepower with ultra portability, clip-ability and high-speed, tactile expressiveness. The harmonic complexity and lushness combined with the higher, tighter Bass frequencies EL84s impart creates a whole new sound. Brighter, tighter, more shredding in the top end, a bit more forgiving in feel and exceedingly more clip-able, the FIVE: 35 is right on time.

To further bolster its stage-ready resume, Mesa Boogies has added a Channel Independent SOLO feature, a long-spring tank for the all-tube Reverb, the complete set of Voicing Choices from CabClone with the addition of the VINTAGE voicing mode to its on-board DI Output, and an upgraded Footswitch for access to the new footswitchable choices.


You'll find added tone shaping in Channel 1 via the MID/BOOST feature on the MARK FIVE: 35. From 0 to 5 on the MID/BOOST you will find the normal range of a standard MID control in a condensed form. From 5 to 10 on the MID/BOOST, a wonderful graduation of overdrive possibilities unfolds, enhancing gain over a broad midrange spectrum and increasing the versatility of each of the 3 Modes in Channel 1. CLEAN and FAT give way to furry and howling, while CRUNCH rolls past Classic Rock to unleash Metal rhythms and molten layers of harmonic complexity for Lead work.

Boogie EQ
The legendary BOOGIE 5-Band Graphic EQ provides the ultimate in sonic flexibility. Dial your sound in with the standard Tone controls and if further shaping is desired, employ the targeted power of the 5-Band Graphic EQ and tweak as you see fit.

Independent SOLO Controls for each Channel offer an additional volume level that you can call up during performance using the MARK FIVE: 35 Footswitch.

The MARK FIVE: 35 includes a HEADPHONE Output for personal enjoyment of the amplifier when it is not possible or convenient to play through a speaker.

The MARK FIVE: 35 upgrades include additions to the on-board CABCLONE D.I. feature, which now offers three classic cabinet simulated VOICING Modes and gives you the full feature set of the stand-alone CABCLONE D.I. minus the OUTPUT control.


• Made in Petaluma, California with the world's finest materials
• All-Tube Design: 4xEL-84 Power Tubes & 6x12AX7 Preamp Tubes
• Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance free performance

• Patented Multi-Watt Channel Assignable Power Amp featuring MESA's proprietary Dyna-Watt technology, providing three power levels with different wiring configurations via independent 35/25/10 Watt Power Switches.
Choose from:
- 10-Watt Mode: Utilizing 2 power tubes operating in Class A/B Triode for lush harmonics and liquid feel at lower volumes
- 25 & 35-Watt Modes: Utilizing 2 or 4 power tubes respectively, operating in MESA's exclusive Dyna-Watt Class A/B Pentode for maximum power, punch and clarity

• 2 Fully Independent Channels with 6 Style Modes:
- Channel 1 features: Clean, Fat or Crunch Modes with Multi-Watt Power Switch (10/25/35 Watts) - Independent Gain, Treble, Mid/Boost• (patent applied for), Bass, Presence, Reverb (rear panel), Master & Footswitchable Solo Controls - *Powerful Mid/Boost Control doubles as a standard midrange tone Ccontrol (from 1 to 5) AND a variable gain boost control (from 5 to 10) providing precise levels of sweet harmonic overdrive, from subtle to blistering;
- Channel 2 features: Legendary Mark IIC+, Mark IV and Xtreme Modes with Multi-Watt Power Switch (10/25/35 Watts) Independent Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Reverb (rear panel), Master & Footswitchable Solo Controls

• 5-Band Graphic EQ is footswitchable, channel assignable or bypassable
• Footswitchable, independent solo control for each channel (front panel)
• All-Tube, long-tank, spring reverb with independent channel controls (rear panel)
• Fully Buffered, Tube FX Loop
• Built-In CabClone Cabinet Simulator Output with Internal Amp Loadand Headphone Output - featuring closed-back, open-back and vintage voices, speaker on/off and ground lift switches
• 4 Button footswitch (Channel 1/2, EQ, Solo Ch 1 & Solo Ch 2)
• Slip cover


Weight: approx 44 lbs.
Height: 18 1/8"
Width: 18 3/4"
Depth: 11 1/2"
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