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Fret Zealot Fretboard LED Guitar Learning Tool - 24.75'' Scale

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This state-of-the-art LED addition to your guitar fits just above the frets and shows you exactly where to put your fingers to play anything you can imagine!

Slim Design - At less than half the height of your frets, Fret Zealot does not interfere with your strings or your playing style. The lower side of the neck is kept clear so you can slide your hand up and down the neck freely.

4.6 Million Colour Combinations - Full colour spectrum LEDs, each of which can be controlled independently, let you change the colour, intensity, effects, anything! You can tune your Fret Zealot exactly how you like it conveniently via the app.

Simplified Learning - Fret Zealot lets you learn quickly and intuitively without the constant distraction of looking at books, videos, or sheet music to find out where to put your fingers. You can concentrate on technique and finding your style right from the start.

The free companion app is your gateway to Fret Zealot. Control everything conveniently and wirelessly on your mobile device. Available on iOS & Android.

• More than 10,000 chords & voicings (variations) to choose from, and Arpeggios for each chord type.
• 30 different scale types, allowing you to explore and play in many different styles of music.
• Built-in tuner
• Select from a library of over 45,000 songs to learn (with MIDI and Guitar Pro (GP3/4/5) file support), or add your own.
• Fret Zealot will go at your pace, listening for you to play the correct note or chord before advancing.
• Video lessons.
• Rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours and clips onto the head stock of any brand of guitar.
• Free iOS and Android app for control via Bluetooth.
• Available in two version: 25.5" and 24.75" scale.

Two Versions to Choose From:
24.75" scale length - fits most Epiphone, Gibson, PRS, etc. This is the universal version and will fit any guitar with a scale length less than 25.5".
25.5" scale length - fits most Fender, Ibanez, Jackson, Schecter, Yamaha, and most acoustic guitars. This will fit guitars with scale lengths very close to 25.5" (including slightly less or more from 25.3" to 25.6")

In the Box
(1) Fret Zealot LED strip
(1) Control Module
(1) Metal capo for mounting the Control Module w/ 2 twist screws
(1) 6" audio cable (4 pole)
(1) 36" USB to micro-USB charging cable
(1) Cell phone stand (collapsible)
(3) Fret Zealot picks
(1) Fret Zealot sticker
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Chords - Fret Zealot app feature
Notes & Scales - Fret Zealot app feature
Song controls demo - Fret Zealot app feature
Video Lessons - Fret Zealot app feature