Secrets of the Pros Recording and Mixing Series: Level 2

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2.5+ Hours to Take You Deeper Into Music Production
In this training series you will learn how to set up your studio properly (which is critical and often done incorrectly), basic signal flow, pro recording tips, expert mixing tricks, how to get the most from EQ, compression, delay, reverb, MIDI, and much more. This training is for beginner to pro levels, and applies to all digital and analogue systems, and all software.

Meet Manny
Learn from pro-audio expert, Manny LaCarrubba, whose decades of experience include audio engineering and producing, studio design, loudspeaker design as co-founder of Grimani Systems, acoustician, home-theatre and sound system design and more. Manny has worked with the likes of Santana, Herbie Hancock, Metallica, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Kenny G, Mariah Carey, Primus. This is the best possible education one can get regarding audio production.

Recording and Mixing Series - Level 2
Start having some real fun by taking your music to the next level. These videos will start you into the world of editing so you can adjust and fine tune your tracks to sound their best. Every pro uses editing and knowing some basic tricks can really help make your music sound better.
Level-2 will start you down the path of using processing like EQ, compression, delays, and reverbs. These tools are essential to making a mix sound professional. Learn new techniques used by the best of the best.

EQ, Compression, Delays, & Reverbs
Processing via plug-ins is one of the most interesting parts of recording and mixing music. Lead Trainer, Manny LaCarrubba, will take you through each of these processors so you have a solid foundation of how each work, and he will give you some tips and tricks to help you start crafting your sound to fit your vision of the music youd like to create.

Working with processing is mandatory to making a mix sound good and these videos will help you learn to use them just like an expert mix engineer. Plus, Manny will show you some processing and effects you might not have even known existed before.

How to Get That "Hit Record" Sound
Your home studio software now also comes with powerful processing that use to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hit song productions always use a combination of delays, reverbs, and wideners to make a mix sound big and professional. Manny takes you through the basic parameters of all these processors and shows you some very common ways the pros use these to beef up their mixes.

You will also receive an introduction to MIDI, which is an essential tool for helping you create via drum machines, synths, and virtual instruments!

Videos Included with Recording and Mixing Series: Level 2
1. Understanding the basics of MIDI
2. The power of editing audio
3. Mixer fundamentals
4. The secrets of equalization
5. Getting started with compressors and mixing dynamics
6. The power of delays in your mix
7. The pro way to use reverbs and wideners
8. The secrets of guitar tone plug-ins and special FX
9. BONUS: More overall secrets you can apply to your recordings
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