Secrets of the Pros Pro Tools Series: Introduction

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Your Introduction to Pro Tools
Pro Tools is incredibly powerful software that enables you to create professional quality recordings. No matter your style of music (rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic/EDM, rap, jazz, etc) this training series will show you how to get the most from your Pro Tools system.

Meet Ken
Your Pro Tools trainer, Ken Walden, is one of the best you will find, and has taught thousands of people how to quickly get up and running with Pro Tools. Ken was a Senior Product Specialist for the company that makes Pro Tools, and he is also the Founder of Secrets of the Pros, which is currently endorsed by 4 Multi-Grammy Award winners and many others (including all the current Senior Pro Tools Product Specialists).

Pro Tools Series: Introduction
This volume will take you through the "need to know" fundamentals of the Pro Tools software, how to set up various types of hardware, the way the mixer works, the editing modes, and a basic overview of recording. This introduction series will speed you through the basics and how to get the most from your Pro Tools system.

Setting Up Pro Tools the Right Way!
Your host will take you through a list of important points about how to get your system set up and working properly.
This first-step is extremely important and if you don't take a few minutes to do this, achieving the results you need will be difficult. After completing these simple steps, you will be able to create music easily, with a fun and reliable system that delivers results for a long list of top audio pros.

A Comprehensive Software Overview
The fundamentals of Pro Tools include knowing the important elements of the software and how to use them quickly. Your host knows this better than almost anyone. Ken Walden will take you through the essentials you need to know to move around the software with ease.
Explanations for all the different editing tools, editing modes, and other buttons you need to understand are all well organized in short videos that cover each topic so you can easily go back and re-review any section you need.

Time to Start Recording!
You won't waste any time getting set up and ready to record. Now your host will show you the basics of routing sound through the mixer and get you up to speed recording your music.

Once you master these basics you'll be able to record and create quickly and easily. Then the fun that is music creation begins!
You use the exact same techniques experts use so you don't have to think about the software, and you can focus on writing your songs.

Videos Included with Pro Tools Series: Introduction
1. Introduction to Pro Tools
2. Setting up Your Pro Tools Hardware
3. Getting Your Pro Tools Software Running Right!
4. A Comprehensive Overview of Pro Tools
5. Reviewing the Main Interface
6. Overview of the Powerful Tools
7. Getting you Started with Recording
8. Numerous Other Tips & Tricks to Help You Create Music Quickly!
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