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Beginner to Professional Recording and Mixing, All in One Bundle!
This is a $100k recording education with hours of content that you can review when you want, as many times as you want. These videos will take you from the basics, all the way to showing you a long list of expert techniques. Techniques, tips and tricks for all levels of experience that you can easily use to produce professional sounding music in any home or project studio. This is an amazing deal!

Series Included in This Bundle
• Recording and Mixing Series (All three levels)
Pro Recording and Mixing (Both levels)

Recording and Mixing - Level 1
This is the first level of the series for beginner to mid level recording enthusiast. Weather you are a hobbyist or aspiring pro, you want your music to sound great and this is where to get started. Getting your foundation of recording concepts right is essential to having fun while you're making great sounding music.
Videos Included with Recording and Mixing Series: Level 1
1. Intro to the Recording & Mixing Series
2. Setting up your studio right- very important!
3. Connecting your gear properly and quickly
4. The principles of microphones
5. Setting up to create a new song
6. Getting to know the mixer
7. Basics of recording your tracks right
8. Recording a great sounding bass guitar
9. Recording electric & acoustic guitars like an expert
10. BONUS: More good advice (learn other amazing secrets)

Recording and Mixing Series - Level 2
Start having some real fun by taking your music to the next level. These videos will start you into the world of editing so you can adjust and fine tune your tracks to sound their best. Every pro uses editing and knowing some basic tricks can really help make your music sound better.
Level-2 will start you down the path of using processing like EQ, compression, delays, and reverbs. These tools are essential to making a mix sound professional. Learn new techniques used by the best of the best.
Videos Included with Recording and Mixing Series: Level 2
1. Understanding the basics of MIDI
2. The power of editing audio
3. Mixer fundamentals
4. The secrets of equalization
5. Getting started with compressors and mixing dynamics
6. The power of delays in your mix
7. The pro way to use reverbs and wideners
8. The secrets of guitar tone plug-ins and special FX
9. BONUS: More overall secrets you can apply to your recordings

Recording and Mixing Series - Level 3
In this title, you will learn even more exact techniques and tricks used by a long list of the best mixing engineers in the industry. Explore a vast knowledge of pro recording techniques for vocals, electric guitars, bass, drums and much more.
Videos Included with Recording and Mixing Series: Level 3
1. Signal path overview to maximize quality
2. Need to knows about pre-amps
3. Signal routing and why its critical
4. Click tracks
5. Cutting Loops to sound right
6. More recording tips to help you create quickly
7. The secrets behind recording drums
8. Recording and mixing bass
9. The secrets behind recording guitars
10. MIDI, Keyboards, Drum Machines and how to get the max from them
11. The secrets behind recording vocals (Essential watching!)
12. Learn how the masters mix
13. The big secret of acoustics - MUST SEE!

Pro Recording and Mixing Series: Level 1
In the Pro Recording & Mixing Series, you'll be taken into a world-class, multi-room recording studio to give you the best possible music production education.
Learn from experienced professionals, who will show you how to apply all this info into your home and/or project studio. Explore a variety of studio-grade microphones, recorded world-class players, and experience in detail how to apply these techniques in your studio. (Applies to all systems analogue and digital/DAW, and all styles of music).
Videos Included with Pro Recording & Mixing Series Level 1
1. Over 3.5 hours of detailed mixing training
2. An in-depth looks at recording & mixing drums
3. Expert level electric guitar recording overview
4. The best education on acoustic guitar recording
5. More vocal recording tips you must know
6. We compare expensive mics, with far less expensive must see!
7. Top mixing techniques by the best of the best
8. Hi resolution audio tracks you can download and review
9. More assorted tips & tricks to help you make better music

Pro Recording and Mixing Series Level 2: Advanced Concepts
In this volume, you'll discover the very best "secrets" that Secret's of the Pros bases its name upon. Experience audio concepts missed by most $100k recording schools, and unknown by many top engineers and producers.
Achieve optimal results from any audio system, including your home theater. Did you know that you can increase the performance of a loud speaker just by placing it properly? Did you know you should never have two speakers next to each other? You are guaranteed to learn something new.
Videos Included with Pro Series Level 2: Advanced Concepts
1. The Pro Series: Advanced Concepts volume I videos
2. An in-depth talk on how to improve any audio system
3. Clear instructions on how you can improve your mixes
4. Details of acoustics that you need to know
5. Info about speakers that will improve any systems performance
6. How to apply this info to your home theater system too!
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