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One of a Kind

Anubis is a ground-breaking new audio interface incorporating the Swiss expertise of Merging Technologies in analogue and digital, networked audio and DSP technology. More significantly, it offers unique features to any engineer or musician looking for a compact AD/DA unit with the quality you would expect from Merging, and a fully featured monitor controller that integrates with any DAW.

Evolving Missions
From the initial recording through to the final master, there are specific "missions" that require precision and control. If your mission of the day is to create a great mix, you need to be in complete control of your monitoring: reference monitors, nearfields, headphones, sources, surround mix, downmix, etc. Anubis gives you that "Mission Control" in a single, compact device that has unrivalled capabilities defined by the software application. But this is only one mission, MERGING+ANUBIS allows the user to choose the Mission Controller app that fits the task. Today, Anubis offers a first mission ANUBIS+MONITOR.

Network Control
Anubis not only offers exceptional in-the-box features, it also allows for expanding its capabilities to any other RAVENNA/AES67 devices on the network. From stereo to 22.2 monitoring, from a four-piece rock band to a full symphony orchestra, Anubis puts you in control of any situation. Whether you are one meter from your equipment or kilometers away, take control directly from its superb touch screen, tablet or computer through the Anubis built-in web server.

Premium vs Pro
This ultra-mobile and stylish unibody case offers astonishing A/D performance with a dynamic range of 139dB with equally impressive mic pres. Our pristine D/A technology ensures that you hear what your project deserves. Anubis come in two variants: Anubis Pro gives you exceptional performance up to 192kHz. If your mission is working in true high-resolution, Anubis Premium offers up to 384kHz and DXD plus DSD flavors up to 256. What else would you expect from Merging!

With the newly released Music Mission, the Anubis now offers;

The size of the mixer depends on the number of AoIP devices on your network but instead of a complex matrix to manage your I/O sources and destinations, the newly developed PEER and UNITE features add the additional channels to your mixer with a simple screen tap. Routing can be easily managed from the Anubis touch screen without the need to be a network technician. Power and versatility like this could never be achieved with a conventional USB or Thunderbolt audio interface. Although you initially see the faders and a few buttons, there are full channel strips from top to bottom with local and remote control of preamps, EQ, Dynamics, Reverb, Sends, Auxes and features such as; Pan, Solo, Solo PFL, Mute, Linking, Grouping, Naming and more.

The Music Mission embeds multiple mixers which allows the creation of from one to five different mixes for your performers cues or programs. Different input sources or a unique mix balance can be routed to any outputs thanks to the flexible bus routing. Additionally, there are 18 x Snapshots to save and fully recall any of your mixer, masters, songs or setups with the possibility to customize your mixer layouts depending on whether you are in the studio or live on stage. All this can be done without having a DAW connected.

You dont need to switch to the Monitor Mission to know what you are doing. The Music Mission provides all the necessary monitoring controls with; Ref, Dim, Mono, Downmix and exclusive monitoring Mutes. Along with A/B speaker set support, 2.1 and 2.2 with crossover and built-in crossfeed for headphones. This also applies to being able to create and monitor your artists cues, interact and talk to any musician or all of them at once. The Music Mission includes monitoring features that are the equal of large scale consoles. The Anubis Ultra-Low Latency Cue Mixers are the perfect tools to put musicians at ease and have them deliver the best performances possible. Cues can be used when recording, overdubbing, playing live or for independent program distribution.

Included free in every Anubis are 3 high quality effects that can operate at the highest PCM frequencies. These can be applied to your monitoring, recordings or live performance on any Strips, Buses or Returns and recalled at any time on one of the 18 available effects snapshots.

The Anubis Music Mission 4 band EQ is built on the existing and universally acclaimed quality of the Pyramix EQ-X and offers Extreme Definition filtering at sampling frequencies up to DXD (352.8kHz). EQ can be applied to any inputs (Local or Peered) or to any bus output (e.g. for headphones or room correction). 21 EQ instances are available at any sampling rate

The Anubis Built-in FPGA Dynamics effect includes multi-modules. 1 X Gate, 1 X Compressor and 1 X Limiter that can be combined in series, with each module having its own parameter values. Outputs buses or strip channel, can be limited or compression applied to your strips, gate the snare or kick, compress and limit the vocals, compress the drums in parallel and more.
The Dynamics can operate in Mono or Stereo mode (Link Dyn) and 64 x DYNAMICS instances are available at 44.1/48kHz, 32 at 88.2/96kHz and 8 in DXD/384kHz.

An ideal stereo reverb to put the performer at ease, reverb can be added to the ultra-low latency mixes on vocal, guitars, drums and more. Parameters can be dialled in from a simple user-friendly interface to quickly give the performer a sense of space. Using low diffusion values will increase the reflexional effect and perform as a delay. Apply effects to the performers ultra-low latency cue mixes and give them the perfect listening environment with Equalization, Compression and Reverb on their channel inputs. Those effects can be used in standalone, or can be routed back to a DAW for recording or for loopback processing applications.

3 SENDS for Externals
Users can also use their favorite external hardware such as a distortion pedal or an analog hardware EQ, the Music Mission has 3 SENDS for externals so that you can quickly integrate those into the mixer and apply those effects to any Channel Strip.

Included in all missions are tools that allow the user to Expand, Monitor, Mix and Route any I/O anywhere over your network with quick and simple solutions. Whats even better is that all this can be done from a single Anubis and even be in operation with standalone devices interconnected. With the Anubis PEERING feature, you are a finger tap away from expanding your Anubis I/Os, without the need of any computer to set it up.

UNITE is an automatic AoIP Stream patching feature included in the Merging drivers that allows a user to quickly connect I/O streams between the Anubis and the DAW without the need for any AoIP knowledge or additional application. With UNITE, connect the devices I/O streams and be operational quickly with a click!

The Music Mission is expandable to 48 inputs channels and 24 outputs within the Anubis mixer, when adding AoIP interfaces to your setup.

• Scalable/Networkable
• Studio/Mobile
• Mastering grade Preamp and Amp
• Sampling rate up to 384 kHz/DXD (Premium only)
• DSD support up to DSD256 (Premium only)
• Direct Monitoring of DAW running on Windows, MacOS and Linux
• Direct AES67/RAVENNA Sources monitoring
• Direct decoding of Ambisonic Sources
• Cough Cut on every input
• All state of the art monitoring features (Bass management, Speaker alignment, Talkback, Down-mix, Crossfeed and more)

Case Material: Premium machined and anodized aluminium
Dimensions: 200mm x 128mm x 40mm / 7.9" x 5.1" x 1.6"
Weight: 950 g / 2.1 lb
Top Panel Display: Capacitive Touch, TFT LCD 800 x 480 pixels resolution (16:9 Aspect ratio)
Rotary Encoder: Anodized aluminum + Black rubber O-ring
7 x Hardware + Soft buttons: RGB LEDs
Bottom Panel Mic stand thread: 3/8" 16BSW European thread incorporated
Note: Americas 5/8" 27UN adaptor not included

Power Supply Voltage (DC): 9V to 15V DC
Power Supply Connector Type: Barrel jack, int. 2.5mm/out. 5.5mm, with locking function
Power Consumption (Typ.): 15W
PoE (Power Over Ethernet): IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) class 0 Power-over-Ethernet standard

Connector Type: Combo Locking Neutrik XLR / TRS
Dynamic Range Mic / Mic Lift: 137 dB / 128 dB (A-weighted, typ.)
Max Input level Mic Pad / Mic / Mic Lift: +24 dBu / +12 dBu / +0 dBu
Frequency response +0/-0.2dB @ fs = 48 kHz: 9 Hz 22k Hz
Frequency response +0/-3dB @ fs = 96 kHz: 9 Hz 46 kHz
Frequency response +0/-3dB @ fs = 192 kHz: 11 Hz 94 kHz
THD+N Preamp + A/D 1kHz @ 0 dBFS: < -110 dB (0.0003%)
Interchannel Crosstalk @ 1kHz: < -130 dB
Common Mode Rejection Rate (20 Hz 20 kHz): < -80 dB
Input Impedance (Differential): ~ 10kΩ
Gain Range (Software controlled): 0 dB to +66 dB
Gain Step Coarse / Fine: 0.5 dB / 0.1 dB
Phantom Power (Software Switchable Per Channel): +48V
Phase Reverse (Software Switchable Per Channel): Yes
Low Cut filter (Software Switchable Per Channel): -12 dB/octave, 80 Hz

Connector Type: Combo Locking Neutrik XLR / TRS
Dynamic Range, ref +24 dBu: 139 dB (A-weighted, typ.)
Max Line Input Level: +24 dBu
Input Impedance (Differential): ~ 10kΩ
THD+N Preamp + A/D 1kHz @ 0 dBFS: < - 104 dB (0.0006%)
Interchannel Crosstalk @ 1kHz: < -140 dB
Sensitivity Range for 0 dBFS (Software controlled): +24 dBu to -42 dBu
Common Mode Rejection Rate (20 Hz 20 kHz): < -80 dB

Connector Type: 1/4" TRS Female
Dynamic Range, ref +18 dBu: 136 dB (A-weighted, typ.)
Max Input Level: +18 dBu
Input Impedance (Single ended / Differential): ~ 1MΩ / ~ 2MΩ
Gain Range (Software controlled): 0 dB to +66 dB
THD+N Preamp + A/D 1kHz @ 0 dBFS: < - 111 dB (0.0003%)
Interchannel Crosstalk @ 1kHz: < -150 dB
Sensitivity Range for 0 dBFS (software controlled): +18 dBu to -48 dBu
Common Mode Rejection Rate (20 Hz 20 kHz): < -70 dB

Connector Type: Neutrik XLR Male
Dynamic Range: 123 dB (A-weighted, typ.)
Max output Level (Differential / Single ended): +24 dBu (12.2 Vrms) / +18 dBu (6.1 Vrms)
Frequency response +0/-0.2dB @ fs = 48 kHz: 6 Hz 22 kHz
Frequency response +0/-3dB @ fs = 96 kHz: 2 Hz 46 kHz
Frequency response +0/-3dB @ fs = 192 kHz: 2 Hz 92 kHz
Output Impedance: < 70Ω
THD+N 1 kHz @ 0 dBFS: < - 110 dB (0.0003%)
Output Level Matching: +/-0.01 dB

Connector Type: 1/4" TRS Female
Dynamic Range: 123 dB (A-weighted, typ.)
Max output Level (Differential / Single ended): +24 dBu (12.2 Vrms) / +18 dBu (6.1 Vrms)
Output Impedance: < 70Ω
THD+N 1 kHz @ 0 dBFS: < - 110 dB (0.0003%)
Output Level Matching: +/-0.01 dB

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Closest StoreNew Minas, Nova Scotia
J'ai eu la chance d'utiliser l'Anubis de Merging dans un cadre très particulier. Le but était de fournir un système d'écoute et d'intercom pour deux équipes distincte de joueurs dans cadre d'une compétition/démonstration de e-sport. -Chaque joueur devait entendre ces coéquipiers sans entendre sa propre voix (mix-minus) -Chaque joueur devait entendre la sortie de son jeu (PC) -Chaque microphone doit posséder un noise-gate sur son microphone pour isoler sa voix au maximum -Un capitaine devait pouvoir parler aux joueurs (Chat/Talkback) -Chaque joueur doit entendre son jeu avec un maximum de gain et de clarté -Le son du de chaque joueur et sa voix isolée devait être enregistré sur un enregistreur ATOMOS -La latence doit être à son minimum pour ne pas gêner le joueur -Possibilité de monitorer et configurer à distance les Anubis Donc toutes ses fonctions très spécifiques disponibles avec un seul appareil par joueurs relié en réseau. La qualité de l,amplificateur d'écouteur est exceptionnelle avec un gain de +10dB supplémentaire il est possible d'écouter des son de basse modulation. Il est facile d'imaginer ce que l'Anubis peut faire dans votre studio... Hautement recommandé...
Posted by Michel Forbes on Nov 6, 2020
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