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Rotosound Nickel Unsilked Bass Guitar String Set - 40-100

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Nickel Unsilked Bass Guitar String Set - 40-100
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The world's most famous roundwound electric bass strings with a nickel finish. Nickel is smoother to play and easier on the frets.

• Long scale
• Medium gauge
• Nickel roundwound hybrid
• Unsilked ends

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I play bass for a Rush tribute band, and though I know Geddy's go-to strings are the RS66LD stainless steel strings for $28.50, but I found them to be a bit rough on my fingers when they are brand new. It felt like there was a sticky film on the strings that eventually wore off after using them for a few weeks. Stainless-steel is known to be a bit tougher on fingers, and though Rotosound makes a nickel-wound version of the RS66LDs, I did a bit more research and found the Roto Bass RB45 Nickel-wound strings for $23.99. They are much easier on the fingers than the stainless-steel strings, but still produce a nice bright tone very similar to the Rotosounds that works great for playing Rush, and they are $4.51 cheaper. Do your fingers and your wallet a favour, and try a set of RB45s. They will both thank-you for it!
Posted by Andy Skuse on Dec 15, 2018
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