Electro-Harmonix Power Supply for Nano Series

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The Electro-Harmonix EHX9.6DC-200 is the player's choice of battery eliminator for many of the world's most popular effects pedals including EHX®, Boss®, MXR®, Ibanez® and others. It is a 9.6 Volt DC/200mA linearly regulated power supply with 2.1mm x 5.5mm center negative barrel plug.

Can be used with:
Nano Small Stone, Nano Clone, Nano Dr.Q, Nano bassballs, LPB-1, Pocket Metal Muff, Muff Overdrive, Little Big Muff, Micro Metal Muff, Micro Q-Tron, Stereo Pulsar, Clone Theory, Metal Muff, Soul Preacher, Holy Grail Nano, Holy Grail+, XO Octave Multiplexer, #1 Echo, Stereo MM w/ Hazarai, Micro POG, Knockout, Stereo Electric Mistress, Germanium OD, Holy Stain, Bass Big Muff, Bass Blogger, Bass Metaphors, Bass Microsynth, Microsynth, Big Muff w/Tone Wicker, Screaming Bird, The Mole, Voice Box, Graphic Fuzz, Freeze
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