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The PolyM is a virtual instrument based on the architecture of one of the coolest vintage instruments out there. The iconic sound of the PolyM ancestor was determined by a number of factors, beginning with two T.O.D Oscillators (Top Octave dividers), with PER NOTE Pulse Width Modulation, initially used to get a big polyphony. A gritty Moog designed 24db Ladder Filter. An acoustic Filter Bank. And, finally, a character full Resonator Bank. 71 components were patiently modelled, while XILS also also added a more traditional analog VCA ADSR, a plethora of LFO to modulate almost everything, and a trio of vintage sounding effects among others things.

Using divide-down technology offers a particular sound for Chords, Strings and Pads you won't find in any other synthesiser.

• Two aliasing-free Top Octave Divider oscillators: One for the Sawtooth, the other for the Square
• 71 emulated chips offering Mixer, VCA, envelope, 12db filter and Pulse Width Modulation for each of the available notes
• Gorgeous 24db ladder filter, using the acclaimed XILS-lab zero-delay algorithm
• 9 dedicated acoustic filters (Strings, Piano, Organ, Harps...) carefully reproduced from the original model
• 1 resonator filter bank using 3 parametric filters (6 and 12db) matching the original model
• Three Vintage effects (delay, Phaser, Reverb)
• 9 modulation slots for endless sound possibilities
• 1 monophonic envelope
• 3 monophonic, tempo sync-able, LFO
• All parameters are MIDI controllable
• More than 200 presets

*Requires iLok (iLok1, iLok 2 or Soft) or USB-eLicenser for download. Soft Dongle iLok can be downloaded using the iLok installer from xils labs.

The PolyM is available in the following formats:
• Mac OSX 10.7 and later: VST, Audio Unit, AAX (32&64 bits, native)
• Windows XP, Vista and 7,8,10; VST, RTAS (Protools 7.0 and later), AAX (32&64 bits, native)

Minimum system requirements: 1 Gigabyte of RAM and a 2 GHz processor.

*The PolyM is a plug-in and is not available as a standalone application
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