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The TT6 Equipped throne is a passive Tactile Generator Monitor System which turns the bass drum signal (and other signals if required) into 'tactile sound' up through the drum stool. You feel it and hear it, but no one else does. This works mainly through bone conduction and the result is far more sophisticated than a simple 'thump'. All of the tone and intricacies of the bass drum sound and impact are felt and heard internally.

The Patented TT6 Equipped Throne is an all-in-one unit with the new bespoke 1,000W TT6 transducer internally mounted. The throne has all the sensitivity, speed, dynamic range and punch of Porter and Davies' regular thrones but it can also deliver endless levels of power if required. It is particularly well suited to fast double bass drum / double pedal players in high volume situations.

The main advantage of the TT6 Equipped Throne is that it can be driven by a stage amp from the monitor desk position, which many touring bands and rental companies prefer as they can drive it with their existing stage amps and control them from the monitor desk.

The handmade comfortable Throne top designs are extremely sturdy and elegantly constructed, and are adorned with a silk 'Porter & Davies' logo. They will accommodate 7/8" diameter throne bases as used by DW, Gibraltar, Roc N Soc, Yamaha, Tama, Ludwig, Premier, Custom Percussion, and others.

Note: The TT6 Equipped Throne does not come supplied with a P&D Engine (amplifier) and is aimed at those who already have power amplifiers. Throne base also sold separately.


Minimum input: 400W RMS / 4ohm
Maximum input: 1,000W RMS / 4ohm

Round Throne Top: 40 x 40 x 15cm deep.
Weight: 8Kg.
Saddle Throne Top: 40 x 40 x 15cm deep.
Weight: 8Kg.
Extra-wide Throne Top: 50 x 40 x 15cm deep.
Weight: 8.3Kg.

Connection between amplifier and TT6 Equipped Throne: Speakon NL4 to Speakon NL4 (not provided)
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