Steinberg UR22C 2-In/2-Out USB Audio Interface

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UR22C 2-In/2-Out USB Audio Interface

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UR22C 2-In/2-Out USB Audio Interface
UR22C 2-In/2-Out USB Audio Interface
UR22C 2-In/2-Out USB Audio Interface
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2 x 2 USB 3.0 audio interface with 2 x D-PRE and 32-bit / 192 kHz support

The UR22C brings you amazing sound quality in a remarkably compact, tough and versatile package for composing and recording anywhere. Use it with a computer or an iOS device for superb results, wherever you are.

  • Capture the subtlest nuance of every sound

  • Fast, reliable connectivity for maximum peace of mind

  • Compose and record anywhere

  • Latency-free DSP effects

The UR22C is the perfect audio partner for composing and producing songs anywhere. With inputs for microphones and instruments (including onboard phantom power), MIDI inputs and outputs, latency-free monitoring with DSP effects and fast, reliable connectivity to computers or iOS devices, it is remarkably versatile. Not only that, but with two top class mic preamps, 32-bit/192 kHz recording quality and high-quality components throughout, the UR22C records your performance with stunning clarity and detail. Ideally sized to travel anywhere with you, its tough but lightweight construction and included Cubase AI recording software make it a great music-making companion.

Housed in a compact, rugged but lightweight enclosure, the UR22C's 32-bit/192 kHz recording quality, D-PRE preamps and seamless connection with iOS devices via SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 with USB-C delivers a superb, portable recording setup at studio grade sound level. And the included Cubasis LE iOS recording app means you can start making professional recordings on an iPad straight away while the dspMixFx application allows you to use the included DSP effects with any iOS audio software.

If you are gaming, creating or just listening to live streamed content, the UR22C ensures that you always enjoy the best sound. Thanks to its 32-bit/192 kHz audio quality you can even enjoy professional hi-res audio recordings in their full beauty, with the industry-leading D-PRE preamps and high-quality components guaranteeing highest recording quality. The Loopback function allows you to seamlessly mix live and playback audio, with effects if required, for an enhanced experience, while the UR22C's SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 with USB-C ensures you always have a reliable, fast connection.


• The industry-leading converters used in the UR-C series deliver exceptional audio quality, thanks to a maximum sampling rate of 192 kHz with 32-bit resolution.
Superspeed USB 3.1 with USB-C - UR-C interfaces feature the USB 3.1 Gen 1 SuperSpeed standard, which provides fast, reliable and seamless connectivity to Mac and PC computers, as well as iOS devices.
Ultra-rugged build - Built to the most exacting standards, with a robust metal casing, the UR-Cs are rugged enough to withstand all the rigors of the road.
Latency-free monitoring with DSP effects - With built-in DSPs, UR-C interfaces provide zero-latency monitoring with effects for every DAW, with straightforward control of all routings and settings. Powered by Yamahas custom-designed SSP3 DSP chip, you can enjoy all the benefits of dspMixFx technology. This offers latency-free monitoring, together with the highly acclaimed REV-X reverb, the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip and Guitar Amp Classics for users of any DAW software.
• The UR-C series features Class-A D-PRE mic preamps, offering stellar recording quality unmatched in this price class. Yamaha's highly acclaimed D-PRE preamps deliver truly transparent and beautifully detailed sound.
• Steinberg's UR-Cs are compatible with all major audio software supporting the ASIO, Core Audio or WDM standard, providing a fully integrated, DSP-based monitoring setup wherever you are and with whichever DAW you use.
• iOS ready via CC Mode - Combining UR-C units with an iOS audio application such as Steinberg's Cubasis for iPad, provides you with a fully mobile audio recording solution.
Loopback function for streaming - The Loopback function of the UR-Cs offers an easy way of streaming performances live to the Internet.

Included software
• Cubase AI
• Cubasis LE
• dspMixFx mixing application

Included Effects
Bundled effects plug-in suite - The UR-Cs come with both VST 3 and AU versions of the onboard DSP plug-ins, providing additional useful sound-shaping and FX tools. The Basic FX Suite comprises three software components: REV-X reverb, Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, and Guitar Amp Classics, all developed by Yamaha and incorporating modeling technology.

• REV-X reverb - The REV-X built into UR-C interfaces is a complex reverb algorithm, renowned for its high-density, richly reverberant sound quality, with smooth attenuation, spread and depth that work together to enhance the original, dry sound. Featuring three types of reverb effect - Hall, Room and Plate simulations - all include reverb time and level controls. REV-X is a truly classic reverb effect, perfect for bringing a professional sheen to every recording.

• Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip - Developed to deliver a highly musical result, the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip combines a sidechain-enabled compressor and a three-band parametric equalizer. As its name suggests, the Morph Knob allows you to morph through both EQ and compression settings in combination, letting you quickly dial in the ideal sound with a single control. Offering quick and easy setting of just the right combination of compression and EQ, the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip brings the ideal amount of ear-friendly dynamics to your sound.

• Guitar Amp Classics - Guitar Amp Classics are guitar amplifier effects that make extensive use of advanced Yamaha modeling technology, delivering highly realistic and finely tuned emulations of classic tube and transistor amplifier tones. Four amp types with different sonic characteristics are provided.

• Clean - Optimized for clean tones, this amp effectively simulates the tight brilliance of transistor amplifiers. Also featuring built-in chorus and vibrato, the tonal character of this model provides an ideal sonic foundation for recording with multi-effects.

• Crunch - This is the amp type to use when you want lightly overdriven crunch tones. It simulates the type of vintage tube amplifiers that are favored for classic blues, rock, soul, R'n'B and similar styles.

• Drive - The DRIVE amp type provides a selection of distortion sounds that simulate the tonal character of high-gain tube amplifiers. From mildly overdriven crunch to heavy distortion suitable for hard rock, heavy metal, or hardcore styles, this model offers a wide range of sonic opportunities.

• Lead - This amp type simulates a high gain tube amp that is rich in overtones. Ideally suited to playing lead guitar lines that will fit well within an ensemble mix, it can also be set up for crisp accompaniment tones, making it a very versatile emulation.


Connection Type: USB Type-C
Design: Desktop (1/3 19", 1HU)
Casing: Full-metal casing
Power supply: USB bus powered (USB-C) / External USB 5 V AC adaptor (not included)

Analog Inputs:1 x XLR-1/4" combo (mic/line), 1 x XLR-1/4" combo (mic/line/Hi-Z)
Analog Outputs:2 x 1/4" TRS (main out)
Headphones: 1 x 1/4"
USB: 1 x USB-C 3.1 Gen 1

AD/DA: 32 bit
Maximum sample rate: 192 kHz
Dynamic range input: 102 dB

Monitoring: Latency free monitoring with FX
Onboard DSP: SSP 3

Power Requirements: 4.5 W
Dimensions (W x H x D): 159 x 47 x 159 mm
Net Weight: 1.0 kg

Included Accessories
• USB 3.0 cable (3.1 Gen1, Type-C to Type-A, 1.0 m)
• Startup Guide

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Hmm. 0 of 0 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Surrey, British Columbia
Output dial ring light is obnoxiously bright. It's right on the edge of my vision, I work in a low-light space, I can't not see this thing. I'm seriously debating returning this thing over this light. It works great otherwise -- it replaced a UR22 AND adds class compliance so it has basic input/output functionality out of the box, but I just can't get over this light.
Posted by Anonymous Coward on Mar 2, 2024
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Solid Value and Performance 2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   White Rock, British Columbia
What drew me to the UR22C was the USB-C speed, and capacity for 192 kHz & 32 bit. Stereo audio in plus midi in was also a requirement for me, - but this was also all I needed. (I have a different interface for recording multiple instruments at the same time.) The UR22C has been doing the job for most of a year now, and been quite glitchless in operation. It feels like a quality build. To have a functional spec that high, a solid build, and a $200-300 range seems like a very good value to me. Bottom Line: I am quite happy, and would purchase this again if I had a reason to. FYI: I am using Logic 10 on an iMac.
Posted by LJ on Feb 2, 2022
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Very happy with it 1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
It's exactly what I wanted out of a simple audio interface. It powers my monitors/speakers with ease, has a decent headphone out and nice XLR inputs that work with mics and other instruments. It also has MIDI which can be useful depending on what you're running. I agree with some reviews about the Steinberg/Cubase registration being a pain, but the software works very well and if you're used to Cubase this is probably the main reason you would be buying a Steinberg unit over all the other interfaces on the market if you didn't already have Cubase. Another thing I like about this unit is the aesthetic and overall build. It looks and feels very solid overall. Overall I would recommend this unit, I can see why it has a good reputation for a long time.
Posted by anonymous on Jun 10, 2021
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Do not buy the Steinberg UR22C 2 of 13 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Ottawa, Ontario
I feel obliged to warn my fellow musicians about the horror of owning the Steinberg UR22C. I am a fairly technical person, not a geek per se, but competent and I read manuals carefully. The licensing process is very tedious and I was warned in advance about the related difficulty. To avoid confrontation, I used my Geek Squad membership to get help with this. The tech support guy had a lot of trouble with the download and license process, it took him and hour and a half to complete something that should have taken 20 minutes. Keep in mind, this is a guy who makes his living playing with computers, for normal people, you might never figure it out. From there, the set up was a nightmare. The Cubase application did not sit properly in my screen format and it took me a while to realize that certain things I needed to click where not visible. Once I got the screen re-formatted, the process of syncing the I/O setting between Cubase and the Steinberg did not go well. There are too many options and a lot of trial and error was involved. With the help of a Cubase savvy friend and Zoom screen share, I was able to load some tracks and attempted to record along with them. This is when the bleed problem surfaced. The bass track I was recording picked up the tracks I was playing along with - not at full volume, the sound was reduced but it was very prevalent. My bass tracks were cluttered and unusable. No amount of manual searching, cruising youtube looking for a tutorial or access to tech support offered any assistance. I got the same result recording with both Audacity and Cubase, so it appears there is a fault with the Steinberg hardware. I have been fighting with these products for a week and the frustration is unbearable, even for someone with a fair bit if determination. Every step has been difficult. The product is poorly designed, poorly documented and poorly supported. I'll be taking it back for a refund or perhaps taking it out to the garage for an introduction to my ball pein hammer. That's how much I hate this thing.
Posted by Tom Rowe on Apr 7, 2021
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Works great 0 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Prince George, British Columbia
I bought it to use with my digital piano and iPad Pro 2020. I use it with online piano apps. It works perfectly and sound great.
Posted by Neil on Mar 12, 2021
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Works great with 2018 iPad Pro 7 of 7 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Moncton, New Brunswick
I purchased this unit to complete my iPad Pro music recording studio. It works great with my 2018 iPad Pro while using the Apple USB-C to USB-A dongle adapter. It’s plug and play. I use it to record my guitar and vocals and midi drums into the iPad while using DAW software like Garageband and Cubasis 3 on iPad. And now I can plug my headphones and speakers into this unit to monitor my sound coming from my iPad. Especially useful since the 2018 iPad Pro does not come with a headphone or microphone jack. The latency is very minimal on this unit. But it also includes the knob dial to switch or mix between your live input or your the process sound coming from your DAW software. Works great with my condenser microphone with phantom power included. The sound quality of the pre-amps are very clean. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I would recommend this unit.
Posted by Brian Morin on May 11, 2020
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Store Special Product - Steinberg - UR22C
Store Special Product - Steinberg - UR22C

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Store Special Product - Steinberg - UR22C

Model: UR22C

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