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Heritage Audio MCM-8 II 8-Slot Rack with Mixer On Slot Technology

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The MCM-8 II is an OSTTM 8 channel 500 Series Enclosure with mixer functions.
OST is a Heritage Audio proprietary technology which eliminates the module's interaction through the power supply feeding each slot with independent supply stages. The mixer follows a passive voltage summing topology, having the gain loss restored by a classic '73 type class A output stage.

Front Panel/Controls
The upper row of the front panel is dedicated to the mixer's main 8 inputs. Controls per channel are as follows:
ON: When pressed, the output of the slot is added to the mix bus. When depressed, it's muted.
"500": When pressed, the signal going to the mixer section is taken from the output of the 500 series module. When not pressed, it is taken from the input of the
enclosure. This allows bypassing the module when summing, or using the mixer with an empty slot.
FADER: Attenuates the signal sent to the mix bus from unity to minus infinity. Fader all clockwise means unity gain, whilst 12 o'clock means an approximate 20 dB of attenuation. (or -20dB of gain).
PAN: Places the signal within the stereo spectrum, left, center, right or any intermediate setting. The panoramic law follows a standard in which if a 0dB signal is hard panned, it is -3dB when center panned.

The lower zone of the front panel is dedicated to the 500 series modules. Any module following the API protocol
(both mechanically and electrically) will be compatible with the unit.
The right side of the front is dedicated to the mixer's center section, as follows:
VU Meters: Measuring the average level at the master outputs
Master Fader: Attenuates the Mix's output from unity to minus infinity. The control has a stepped feel for easy recall of settings. Fader all clockwise means unity gain,
whilst 12 o'clock means an approximate 20dB of attenuation.
Status LEDs: LEDs on the bottom right display the correct status of the external power source.

On Slot Technology
The MCM-8 II is also a 500 Series enclosure in a 4U Rack format, able to accommodate up to 8 modules. Like the rest of the Heritage Audio line of 500 Series enclosures, it features "ON SLOT" Technology (OST).
"ON SLOT TECHNOLOGY" takes advantage of last generation power electronics to handle power supply on a "per slot" basis. Each slot has its own power supply linear regulation stages, so modules are isolated from the rest- all they share is the housing enclosure.
With hundreds of brands making 500 series modules, Heritage Audio believes this is the professional way of handling this reliably, eliminating issues often associated with sharing power between different modules of different brands and natures.
Each slot features test LEDs for checking correct power operation (red for +16v, green for -16v), located aside of the slot connector. Thanks to the use of OST, the power capability of the OST-10 is 400mA per rail per slot maximum, with an overall of 1.4A (1.6A non continuous) per rail (whichever is reached first).

• Upper row on the back panel corresponds to the individual XLR and combined DSUB channel outputs.
• Lower row corresponds to the individual XLR and combined DSUB channel inputs.
• Both DSUB connectors are wired following the TASCAM protocol.
• Stereo Mix output is located far left, on a pair of male XLR connectors.
• Aux Inputs are located above the 8 inputs, on a pair of female XLR connectors. Hardwired Left and Right and are unity gain.
• External Power Supply connector is located on the bottom left corner.

• 8 x 500 Series Inputs on XLR and D-Sub
• 8 x 500 Series Outputs on XLR and D-Sub
• 2 x XLR Aux Inputs (Stereo Left and Right) for Summing Bus
• 2 x XLR Outputs for Mix Bus
Useable Spaces: 8
Input ImpedancePer Channel: 20 kOhms
Maximum Input Level: > 27 dBu
Maximum Output Level: > 26 dBu into 600 Ohms
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-0.5)
THD + N: Not More than 0.07% from 50 Hz to 10 kHz at +20 dBu Output: (80 kHz Bandwidth) into 600 Ohms
Self Noise: -90 dBu
Phantom Power: Total Available: 140 mA
Power: 400 mA per Rail per Slot, 1.6 per Rail
Operating Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC
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