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Heritage Audio 500 Series Bluetooth Streaming Module

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BT500 - HA

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Heritage Audio is pleased to announce the latest addition to their growing lineup of products, the BT-500 Bluetooth streaming module.

No other current product- be it 500 series, rack or other format, has the features of the BT-500, which finally solves the connectivity problems of mobile devices in a professional studio environment.

No More Mini Jacks!
The BT-500 streams audio from your mobile device over Bluetooth and delivers a fully balanced, +22dBu stereo output. Employing last generation audio specific Bluetooth technology, the best Codecs your devices can support and a state of the Art, Burr Brown based analog signal path, it solves the already classic, irritating problem of connecting your iOS or Android device to your Studio setup.
Listening to references on the iTunes Store, recordings sent by email, Spotify, YouTube- you name it. You do it every day, all the time.

Sound Quality: AAC & APTX
The BT-500 automatically recognizes your device's best codec option to optimize audio quality while streaming.

Apple's iTunes Store and YouTube use AAC as native so streaming from an iPhone or iPad will result in a lossless transmission, much better than an analog wired connection.

Vast majority of Android devices have already adopted the APTX codec, which is nearly lossless and the standard that wireless high quality headsets and sound bars are adopting.

In case your device can't support neither AAC nor APTX, the BT-500 will stream audio using the classic SBC codec.

Burr Brown Balanced Output
The BT-500 substitutes your mobile device's analog circuitry with a state of the art, fully differential Burr Brown balanced output stage which delivers a full 0dBfs = +22dBu output able to drive a load of 600 ohms. This allows direct level comparisons while mastering or mixing with Apple's iTunes Store or mobile stored reference mixes.

• Streams audio from a mobile iOS or Android device and provides a +22 dBu balanced audio signal
• Wireless integration of smartphones or tablets in the studio environment to play reference tracks via iTunes or Spotify, e-mail sent recordings, the integration of YouTube, etc.
• Burr Brown output stage
• Automatic detection of the optimal audio codec - AAC, APTX, SBC
• Includes adapter for stereo operation

Front Panel/Indicators
CODEC LEDs: Shows the current CODEC used
SYNC: LED is ON when device is paired
RESET: Resets any connections
Antenna: 100m (328 feet) range

Output Circuit: Burr Brown analog signal path
Output Level: +22 dBu (balanced)
Codec/Format Support: AAC, aptX & SBC
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