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Play-Along Book with Demonstration Recordings

Author: Russell Haight
Format: Book with Audio Online
Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone

This collection of ten jazz etudes with accompanying audio provides intermediate to advanced alto sax students with a fun and effective way to learn to play in the specific odd meters: 3/4, 5/4, 7/4, and 9/4. Each etude is based on the chord progression of a different jazz standard, and includes an in-depth analysis of the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic devices used. The addition of the odd-time ingredient, along with completely original melodies and improv lines, converts what would be mere academic etudes to a delightful jazz listening and playing experience.

If you want to improve your fluency in reading, performing, and improvising in odd time signatures, this is the book for you! A generous number of preparatory exercises gradually introduce the student to not only reading music, but also "hearing how phrases land within a measure" of odd time.

Play-along audio tracks featuring a professional rhythm section (piano, bass, and drums) minus the sax track allow you to play as the soloist. Includes access to online audio.

  • Preparatory Exercises in 5/4
  • Preparatory Exercises in 7/4
  • Etude 1: East Meets Wes
  • Etude 2: Sleepwalking
  • Etude 3: Po' Boy Blues
  • Etude 4: Baby Steps
  • Etude 5: Tryst
  • Etude 6: Don't Give a Hoot
  • Etude 7: Knight Music
  • Etude 8: The Bermuda Triangle
  • Etude 9: She's All That
  • Etude 10: Trane Travel
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