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Denon Prime GO 2-Deck Standalone Smart DJ Console

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Prime GO 2-Deck Standalone Smart DJ Console

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Prime GO 2-Deck Standalone Smart DJ Console
Prime GO 2-Deck Standalone Smart DJ Console

Product Videos :

YouTube Video Introducing Denon DJ PRIME GO: 2-Deck Rechargeable Smart DJ Console
YouTube Video Denon DJ PRIME GO - Feature Overview
YouTube Video Denon DJ PRIME Series - Meet The Family
YouTube Video L&M @ NAMM 2020: Denon DJ
YouTube Video Engine DJ 3.4 | Bluetooth Audio In and Bluetooth Keyboard Support
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2-Deck Rechargeable Smart DJ Console with 7-inch Touchscreen

Experience the power of the PRIME SERIES in an ultra-portable, standalone 2-channel smart DJ console. Throw PRIME GO in your backpack, prep your DJ sets on the road, then rock up to any gig or event with a no-compromise DJ workflow and feature set. Powered by the lightning-fast ENGINE OS platform, PRIME GO shares the same ultimate touchscreen interface experience as its bigger PRIME 4 brother, but adds a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to provide extreme portability. Take advantage of PRIME GO's built-in WiFi capability too and stream music standalone, with no laptop needed, giving you access to TIDAL's 60+ million songs to add to your playlist prowess!

Touch and Feel Your Music
PRIME GO's 7-inch touchscreen gives you a high-definition, multi-gesture experience, just like using your smartphone or tablet. Navigate your collection, finger-swipe to load tracks, instantly search through large music libraries and even rearrange your playlists and songs easily just on the screen itself. Change things up by flipping your waveform playback view from vertical to horizontal and also select and monitor a number of other essential DJ workflow features at the touch of a finger.

Music, Non-Stop
Access and play your digital music using PRIME GOs USB and SD inputs. Choose to keep a large capacity SD card 'always-in' and available as a mini-hard drive, or execute easy DJ hand-offs with the USB port for a fellow DJ. Want to record your DJ set for an important gig? No problem; PRIME GO has you covered, able to record directly to any connected media source connected to it, even the one youre playing from.

Standalone Music Streaming - Anywhere
Using your mobile data or either a venue's WiFi or wired internet connection, you can stream music from TIDAL with its catalog of over 60+ million songs, just using PRIME GO and with no laptop needed. Never be caught out again for that elusive song request, having literally the world's music, exclusive playlists and curated content at your fingertips! More exciting streaming partners will be available soon.

Make a Great Connection
You shouldnt have to compromise on pro-grade audio and connectivity, just because your DJ gear can fit in a backpack. PRIME GO is the world's best, ultra-portable no-compromise unit for any event. It features Denon DJ's renowned 24 bit/48kHz pristine audio quality and enough rear panel pro-connectivity to cover everything from a house party, a mobile gig, club or even mainstage event. Add PRIME GO's StagelinQ connection into the mix and you'll be ready for creating easy and dynamic lighting and video shows too, with SoundSwitch and Resolume control.

Craft Your Mix
PRIME GO has all the creative, hands-on features and power you'd need for any style of DJing. With 2 channel line faders, crossfader, capacitive touch jog-wheels and expressive 3-band EQ, you can shape and blend your audio to sonic perfection. Take the music into another dimension using PRIME GOs assignable beat-FX module, in-line Sweep FX and Filter for added audio manipulation.

Take Your Sounds Further
PRIME GO will inspire even the most dextrous and creative energies inside your DJing mind. It brings dual-bank (2x4) ultra responsive trigger pads for hot-cue juggling, looping and beat rolls, plus a class-leading timestretch and key shift/sync feature to radically change a songs tempo and musical key - 'Open-Format' DJing just got a whole lot more exciting, and easier!

Dual Microphone Power
Accept no sacrifice of your line faders, with PRIME GO's dual independent, level controlled mic channels, both with XLR (1/4-inch combo) inputs. Double-up with a DJ partner or bring that enthusiastic bride or party-animal into the show, using the handy talkover feature so you can get on with the serious business of 'fun'! PRIME GO has both a mini and full size headphone jack input for those nights when you might...just might, forget your cable adapter!

Powered by ENGINE OS
PRIME GO has Denon DJ's ENGINE OS under the hood to take care of lightning fast operations during your DJ performance. With continuous firmware upgrades keeping you empowered with the newest, forward-thinking features, ENGINE OS will keep your music flowing expressively. ENGINE PRIME librarian software (Mac/PC) is your music library and set preparation tool which syncs your other music collections, including iTunes, Serato DJ, Traktor and Rekordbox™. Using just PRIME GO (yes, you got it, no computer needed), you can also import a full Rekordbox™ collection direct from a media source, internally analyzed (including playlists, hot cues and loops) within the unit itself.

NEW, April 2022 - Engine DJ version 2.2 for Desktop and OS is here delivering new features and plenty of fixes and improvements to DJs. Leading the charge is the new Active Loop feature which enables users to set up to 8 Active Loops on either Desktop or direct on Engine DJ Hardware. FX Control has been expanded for Numark Mixstream Pro users and Metronome comes to the Desktop.

Denon DJ & Engine OS are offering 3 MONTHS FREE access to SoundCloud's Go+ account! SoundCloud Go+ gives you offline and ad-free listening to everything from mainstream releases to DJ sets and remixes.
To claim, simply visit, click on 'Account' to register your product today.

Engine DJ 3.4

Bluetooth Audio Input
• Bluetooth audio input can be assigned to any deck, or mixed into the main output on all-in-one consoles. On standalone players, Bluetooth audio input can be assigned to layer A or B
• Bluetooth Transport Controls allow playing, pausing, and track skipping using the deck controls (with capable Bluetooth devices)
• Bluetooth Track Information displays the track title, artist and track progress during playback (with capable Bluetooth
• Bluetooth audio input devices can be connected and managed in the Bluetooth menu, accessible via Control Center

Bluetooth Keyboard Support
• Connect Bluetooth keyboards for quicker, more efficient song searching
• Bluetooth keyboards can be connected and managed in the Bluetooth menu, accessible via Control Center
• Other various stability enhancements & improvements for all Engine DJ hardware

Key Features
• Fully-featured, backpackable 2-deck smart DJ console
• 7-inch HD touchscreen with gestures
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 4 hours of unplugged performance
• Built-in Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity for music streaming
• Dual-bank performance pads for triggering hot-cues, loop and roll
• No-compromise, pro-grade audio and connectivity
• RCA aux input for media players, tablets and phones
• Capacitive-touch jog wheels
• Internally analyze music files & Rekordbox™ collections direct from USB
• Standalone Track Preview
• Assignable FX module, 3-Band EQ and Filter/Sweep FX
• (2) dedicated XLR (1/4-inch combo) mic inputs with EQ/Level/talkover
• USB and SD media source inputs
NEW - 3 MONTHS FREE access to SoundCloud's Go+ account

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response: 20Hz 20kHz +/- 1dB

Dynamic Range: > 109dB (A-weighted)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 92dB (A-weighted)

Aux: > 15dB
Mic: > 20dB
Outputs: > 15dB

Channel Separation: < -88dB (1kHz, unity)

Aux: < 0.01% (1kHz, unity)
Micophone: < 0.02% (1kHz, unity)

Analog Input
Aux: +15dBV (maximum) 0dBV (unity)
Microphone: -40dBV (unity) -54dBV (minimum)

Analog Output
Master, Balanced: +18dBu (maximum) +4dBu (unity)
Master, Unbalanced: +15dBu (maximum) 0dBu (unity)
Booth: +18dBu (maximum) +4dBu (unity)
Headphone Output: < 40mW

Audio Outputs
(2) XLR outputs (master left/right, balanced)
(1) RCA output pair (master left/right, unbalanced)
(2) 1/4" (6.35mm) outputs (booth left/right, balanced)
(1) 1/4" (6.35mm) stereo output (headphones)
(1) 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo output (headphones)
Audio Inputs
(1) RCA input pair (line-level, unbalanced)
(2) XLR+1/4" (6.35mm) inputs
(1) USB port (for USB drives)
(1) USB port (to computer)
(1) Ethernet port
(1) power adapter input

Connection: DC, Center Positive
Voltage: 19V 3.42A
Consumption: 30W (maximum)

Dimensions (width x depth x height): 16.2" x 10.8" x 2.1" (411 x 274 x 53mm )
Weight: 8.11 lbs. (3.68kg)


Introducing Denon DJ PRIME GO: 2-Deck Rechargeable Smart DJ ConsoleWatch Video
Youtube video product demo
Denon DJ PRIME GO - Feature OverviewWatch Video
Youtube video product demo
Denon DJ PRIME Series - Meet The FamilyWatch Video
Youtube video product demo
L&M @ NAMM 2020: Denon DJWatch Video
Youtube video product demo

Description: Stu with Denon DJ shows us all the new products coming out in 2020 from Denon at NAMM, including the SC6000 Media Player, X1850 mixer, Prime 2 DJ console, Prime Go, and Sound Switch.

Engine DJ 3.4 | Bluetooth Audio In and Bluetooth Keyboard SupportWatch Video
Youtube video product demo

Q & A

Question: Can a laptop be plugged in to this (as an option to play from production software)?
- asked on Feb 12, 2024
Answer: Yes, it will work as a USB audio interface.
- answered by Ron Elliott, Vancouver, British Columbia
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Bring the party ANYWHERE 0 of 0 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Chilliwack, British Columbia
There's very little to complain about here. It does pretty much ANYTHING you need it to do, in a compact 2-channel system. The user interface is very easy to understand, the controls are smooth and tactile, and the ability to just load up a USB or SD card with whatever you're into, sort it in various ways, prepare playlists etc. It's really great. If you're a beginner to a pro, this thing has the simplicity to learn how to beatmatch and the complexity to perform pro-level DJ sets, layered samples, touch FX effects, on and on. I haven't tried the streaming services but if/when needed, that's a great feature. Denon releases updates multiple times a year so far that significantly increase usability and features to keep it miles ahead of the competition. You can record directly to your media device. Connections are all high quality. Use the XLR outputs to connect to a battery powered speaker / subs like a JBL PartyBox, Electrovoice EV8/12 or Yamaha EXM and you can set up at the beach without a generator. As far as the competition goes, I would take Denon over Numark 10/10 every time, hands down, no matter what. The new Alpha Theta unit is way more slick looking, but not worth 40% more money, and has less features, and no word on if the new direction of Pioneer is going to keep up with updates like Denon does. Minor downsides: Battery life - you'll be lucky to get 4 hours out of it. More likely 2-3, especially if you have to run the screen at max brightness playing outdoors in the daytime. Jog wheels are tiny. They're usable, but hopefully when they release the next version, the jog wheels are bigger/better. Occasionally, the pitch buttons don't "zero" at the zero line, if you're trying to read predicted BPM when loading a new track, not a huge issue as it's usually within 1 or 2%. Screen is very hard to read in sunlight. Make sure you buy the fastest memory possible for a USB stick. The better the read AND write speed, the faster your tracks will load and be analyzed by the system. That means spending an extra $50 or so. Lastly, do what I did before buying one and watch Digital DJ Tips Phil Morse video tutorial on this thing. It's pretty comprehensive. This thing took me from not having spun anything since like 2008 on SL1200s, nothing digital ever, to being able to perform the best sets I've ever done, within like 6 months of practice. Don't touch that sync button, you dork.
Posted by Brett on May 12, 2024
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On the GO! 3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Edmonton Highlands, Alberta
You can mix anywhere with this thing! And it's standalone so no Laptop required. Hookup to Beatsource or Tidal and you'll be mixing for days. Cool features, easy to use. Missing a sample button, but you can work around that using the effects dial. Lots still to learn, love how portable it is. Lounging on the couch, in a car, in the backyard, you get the idea.
Posted by Mike on Oct 4, 2021
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