Jody Jazz HR Custom Dark Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece - 7*

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The new HR CUSTOM DARK Tenor is the first model to be introduced in the new HR CUSTOM DARK series, offering a beautiful, warm, dark, traditional vintage-sounding mouthpiece. It is the darkest sounding hard rubber mouthpiece in the Jody Jazz lineup and with rounded side walls and a large open round chamber, the HR CUSTOM DARK Tenor delivers plenty of projection with a surprising ease of altissimo.
The HR CUSTOM DARK Tenor offers more warmth, thanks to Jody Jazz's proprietary 'CHR' Chedeville Hard Rubber, which imparts more warmth and beauty into your sound due to its purity and density. The heavy stylized ring on the shank, inspired by Jody Jazz's popular Power Ring ligature, gives the HR CUSTOM DARK Tenor a boost of body and increased harmonics.
Truly a brand new sound option in the Jody Jazz lineup, the HR CUSTOM DARK Tenor is ideal for players who want to 'Shape Their Own Sound'.

• Offers a warm, dark, vintage sound
• Metal shank ring helps boost body and harmonics
• Made from Jody Jazz's proprietary 'CHR' Chedeville Hard Rubber
• Various tip opening options available

Size: 7*
Tip Opening: .105"
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